Regular decision or ed2?

<p>Hello everyone!
I'm currently on the fence as to whether I should apply to Tufts ed 2 or just stick with regular decision. Would applying ed 2 give me a better shot at getting in? Tufts is by far my favorite school, but I can wait the extra month for regular decision if I would have the same chance of acceptance with both regular decision or early decision. Basically, are applicants viewed differently if they apply rd or ed?
P.S. Congrats to everyone already admitted to the class of 2016! Hopefully I'll be joining ya'll ;)</p>

<p>if tufts is your favorite school then why wouldn't you apply ED2? they say it doesn't really make a difference but it definitely expresses interest and if you're qualified anyway then it might help a little. but if it's your favorite school and you would pick it over any other school... then there's not reason not to.</p>

<p>thank bpd123! I actually am totally on board for applying ED2, I only made the tread to try to convince my parents (who are against it) that it's the right choice. Happy Holidays!</p>