Regular Decision

<p>Hey guys, I’m applying RD to Carrol and would appreciate some advice. Are there any people here who have applied RD and got in? What were your stats? Is it less competitive in the RD round than EA round? My stats are below the avg… 1240 composite SAT 3.6 UW GPA… so BC is a reach, but I’d like any advice on the app that you can offer.</p>

<p>you have a lot better chance of gettin in with your stats RD.</p>

<p>best advice for app: make sure that you are unique and stand out and come accross as that. also forge a solid relationship with your admissions counselour. don't forget to meet them and get their email if they visit your school.</p>

<p>Fieldy the BC admissions counselor visited a while ago, but at the time I wasn't interested...but after that I've gained interest..what should I do? And why do you say I have a better chance of getting in? My Essay is about my business ventures..illustrated through a common example...and I have pretty solid EC's (started 2 companies..founded a youth organization..others)...what should I do to improve my chances? thx</p>


<p>Do ppl have a better chance of getting in at RD time? is EA, ED for le creme de la creme?</p>

<p>from what I hear EA is la creme de la creme...but RD has a lower acceptance rate, but still not as difficult. Also, does BC compare you to other applicants from your school? My school had 34 EA applicants...I don't think we have many RD.</p>

<p>I was accepted Ea. Did you get accepted to NYU, parih? Anyway, you have a great shot, you definitely deserve it.</p>

<p>congrats...nope I was rejected - why do you say I have a great shot? My GPA and SAT's are below BC's avg :-.</p>