Regular Hourly Non Taxable

<p>My first work-study job is at catering for $8 an hour and 16% of my paycheck was taken out for taxes. = (</p>

<p>I start my second work-study job at the front desk for $7.25 an hour tomorrow but it says that it's non taxable. So does that mean I don't need to list it on my tax return and fafsa or does that mean I still list it but I get every cent on my monthly check and won't have to pay tax? Or both? Or neither and that I'm totally wrong on my guessing of what non taxable mean, haha.</p>

<p>This is unimportant but I just got my schedule and would like to brag that my first shift is at 4am, then midnight, 8pm, 4pm, noon, 8am, 4am, 11pm, 3am, 2:30pm, 7pm, 10am, 6pm, 10pm, etc. 3-5 hour 1-2 times a day 7 days a week. This is going to be the best easy flexible student job in the world! So excited for the school year!</p>

<p>I advice any student that would like to get paid to study at random odd hours to apply for front desk!</p>

<p>I think when they tell you that it's "non taxable" they mean that it is not subject to social security and medicare tax. If you end of making more than $5,700 in a year in wages, assuming you have no other income, then the amount over that will be taxed. If you make less than that, then the only taxes you have to pay is social security and medicare tax on the income that has those taken out. </p>

<p>You will not get any of the social security and medicare taxes taken out back. If they withhold federal income tax, and you end up not having a tax liability, then you will get that back when you file your return. You may also end up getting back some, if not all, of the state tax withheld.</p>

<p>Sweet! I won't be making that much in a year. That sounds good. Thanks. That was very informative.</p>

<p>I'm going to ask my boss to put me as emergency/substitute staff for catering then since it's not worth it. If there's no such thing, then I'll just quit.</p>

<p>Work Study is taxable income for federal taxes and for State taxes (depending on the state) but not, as 3bm said, for ss and medicare taxes.</p>

<p>If your income, including any other earned or unearned income and any taxable scholarships or grants, is below the standard deduction ($5700 for 2009) you don't have to file a return (unless you also have unearned income in which case the filing cut off can change). But as you have had taxes deducted you will need to do a return to get any overpaid taxes refunded.</p>

<p>If you file a return then you will have to report the AGI from the return on FAFSA. This will include the WS income. There is another question on FAFSA where you report any WS or taxable scholarship/grant income included in the AGI. This is used to deduct that income from the AGI so that it is not used against you when your EFC is calculated, so make sure you answer that question accurately.</p>