Regular Pre-Calculus to AP Calculus BC

I took college-prep (not Honors) math courses throughout high school (Geometry, Algebra II, and Pre-Calculus) and I got two B+'s for Geometry and Algebra II and an A- in Pre-Calculus. Now I’m taking AP Calculus BC senior year and I’m incredibly worried. (My regular Pre-Calculus class covered: limits, continuity, derivatives, and basic differentiability (no chain, sum, difference, quotient, or product rules), and some curve sketching while Honors went more in-depth on derivatives and introduced parametric equations). I was given a summer assignment for both Calculus BC and one for transitioning from regular Pre-Calculus to regular Calc BC.

Luckily, I’m constantly studying everything that I learn in Math and I always make hand-written notes (which seems to help me alot)

How hard will AP Calculus BC be for me since I took regular Pre-Calculus?

None of us can say since we don’t know the pre-calc curriculum at your school.

Generally, pre-calc classes that feed into AP classes will start to cover calculus topics in the Spring. However, if you were able to do the summer assignment, I would say you should be in pretty good shape.