REJECTED Already??

<p>So, how many applicants do you think have been rejected thus far?</p>

<p>Considering it's your 666th post, every single one.</p>

<p>Ridiculous. I mean, who asks these questions?</p>

<p>Seriously what kinda question is that ??</p>

<p>I get what he is saying. Unfortunately, I bet a good chunk have already been thrown out. However, I am sure those were sure rejects. I doubt any of us are already in the reject pile. I hope...</p>

<p>Also chance that files which had all information completed have started review. They allow until the 15th for school forms, testing orders etc. to arrive as long as app and supp were in on time. Complete files might get and earlier read as there is only 1 month left. In that case, there are undoubtedly obvious rejects, obvious admits (recruited athletes and high profile candidates who have met all academic requirements) and a middle ground for most applicants (academically qualified and interesting or "hooked" but not as well hooked as the obvious admits) still under consideration but not not clearly in either of first 2 piles.</p>

<p>Threads like these seriously make me just want to facepalm... -__-</p>

<p>i was trying to be nice so i tried to refrain from replying to this thread...
orangepekoe, Molectron, tampabayw ~ you just hit it right on the nail head!
i agree, we need more substantial and more intelligent discussions on these forums, and avoid clogging with useless ones.</p>

<p>Lol can we calm down? It was an innocent speculative question, there's no need to get mad</p>

<p>So, the people with objections to this question have 8, 5, 29, and 11 posts. I hardly think you guys own this forum. I also doubt if you, hillary, are the arbiter of what is of substance and of what is intelligent. It was an innocent and fun question that us regular posters ponder because it kills time and is in the back of our heads. Half the threads on here are "useless" and almost nothing is of "substance" or "intelligent". This is a forum for overly-nervous high schoolers. Get a life and GTFO!</p>

<p>^Pondering how many applicants are already in the reject pile is "fun"? How does one even respond to that question? :P</p>

<p>P.S. As this is my SIXTH post, I know believe I own this forum. Thank you.</p>