Rejected as Freshman - Apply as Sophomore

<p>Hey everyone,</p>

<p>I got rejected by a lot of schools as freshman. But I think I will apply again for transfer.</p>

<p>I heard it is unlikely that you will get into a school as sophomore that rejected you as Freshman. Is this true?</p>

<p>Are there any stories on CC where people got in as sophomore despite rejection as freshman?</p>

<p>The schools I plan on applying for transfers are: Cornell, UPenn, Columbia, Brown, Duke</p>


<p>No, thats not true.
I applied to Vandy as senior in hs, freshman and sophomore. Got rejected the first 2 times, now I'm headed to Nashville in the fall. Anything is possible!</p>

<p>My friend was rejected from Columbia last year as a senior in high school, and accepted this year as a first-year in college. </p>

<p>I didn't reapply to any schools that rejected me last year, but based on the schools I got into, I think there's a good chance I would've gotten into a couple of the schools that rejected me last year had I reapplied. Also, every school I got into this year as a transfer I probably would have been rejected from last year, had I applied.</p>

<p>I was rejected from UW Madison as a freshman, worked hard, and accepted as a sophomore.</p>

<p>I didn't even bother applying to any top schools during my senior year. I wanted something close to home. I went to a tier 3/tier 4 college, pulled a 4.0 my first semester, did numerous extracurriculars (Newspaper, held office of numerous clubs, interned, volunteered, etc.) and found out a few weeks ago that I was accepted to all the colleges I applied to, UPenn, Columbia, Cornell. I'm going to UPenn =D</p>

<p>So my advice is just to work hard and believe in yourself.</p>

<p>Gotta ask...what is the matter with McGill, Emory and Vanderbilt...all terrific schools. Which one are you going to? And why, before even starting, do you think you should be transfering? These three schools are all very good schools. Wait to make a transfer will likely find that the school you marticulate at will be just perfect.</p>

<p>Or...did you NOT really get accepted at those really good schools?</p>

<p>Amazing...are you transfering from a fourth tier school in Georgia...Armstrong Atlantic?</p>

<p>Wonder if they are talking about Mercer (If they were even from Georgia), which isn't a research university, but I wouldn't know if it is 3/4 tier either, though probably not to the level of Tech, Emory, and UGA (though probably more challenging than UGA) yet.</p>

<p>RE: thump1, no a small school in PA, I don't know if it would even be considered tier 4.</p>

<p>Amazing...just curious...there was another poster with a very similar story...</p>

<p>bernie- Mercer is not bad- but not at the level of UGA. Definitely above Armstrong Atlantic or Savannah State, or schools lke that.</p>

<p>What's ironic is that it markets really aggressively, in a manner that seems as if it could be far more effective than the way Emory markets (which it almost seems not to). It makes itself seem as if it is the same level of the other three. Given Emory's decline in applications over the past two years. I think we can use some tips from them. Even though Mercer's marketing is still only most effective for Georgia students, if Emory used similar tactics applied to a larger stage, it could really work. Weird thing is, I almost went because of the hype about them in Savannah. Needless to say, I was accepted to Emory. Really glad I was, I visited Mercer last winter with a cousin, and it just didn't compare (even though some parts of campus were very pretty) despite the new University Center (I think the Woodpec, our gym) and other buildings (which many of ours, along with UGA and Tech) made look like a joke. Let me not mention that the campus seemed completely dead. Even though it was during finals, I can't excuse that because Emory still has some action going on during finals; the campus does not look like a ghost town. Mercer also seemed quite conservative to me (then again, Emory is really liberal, more liberal than many similar institutions outside of the south). It was just weird.</p>

<p>Mercer is a religious-based school (Babtist)</p>

<p>Yeah, I know it's Baptist. Over-emphasizing it could also be a problem in recruiting students outside of Georgia though especially if they want to be like the rest of the south's top privates (said something like that on Wikipedia). I suppose Wake Forest may be attainable.</p>

<p>To the OP...I suppose anything is possible...but remember, transfers at the Ivies are accepted at an even LOWER rate than freshman admissions. The likelihood of being accepted at MULTIPLE Ivies as a transfer is negligible (even though a poster above claims this has happened). well...but really...OP....the schools you site where you got accepted on other threads .Emory, Vandy, McGill, are all excellent schools with very fine reputations.</p>