Rejected but not over

Hi guys!
So I got rejected on early action this morning but the message specifica Said I was rejected because my family contribution was too low. I spoke to my parents and they are willing to pay more now from other sources. Should I reapeal the decision and tell them I can pay more per year? How should I email them about this ?
Pls help :frowning:
Also any idea how much international students pay on average at earlham?

It doesn’t matter how much in average international students pay ON AVERAGE at Earlham it comes down to how much money they have budgeted. If you needed $50k, for example, and they could take 5 student needing only $10k, they’d take the 5 students if they want seats filled , and that $50k is gone.

The question comes down to how much your family can borrow or otherwise get to send you to college here in the US. Perhaps, there is NO money left. Unlike US students, you don’t have access to the student loans and federal grants and work study.

This is like a reverse negotiation, and I see no good solution here. If you have the stomach for it, see what you can negotiate that your family can afford.