Rejected by H and Y but Accepted by P

<p>Has anyone here been rejected by Harvard and Yale but accepted by Princeton?</p>

<p>I was rejected by Harvard and Yale and waitlisted by Princeton. Since I know that there were people accepted to Harvard and or Yale and rejected by Princeton, I am wondering if I have any chance of getting into Princeton.</p>

<p>Yes-sucharita ,adidesd and a guy from my school all got rejected by Harvard and Yale and accepted by Princeton</p>

<p>Could that be due to Harvard and Yale being more selective with international students than Princeton?</p>

<p>Do you know anyone from the US who was rejected by Harvard and Yale but accepted by Princeton?</p>

<p>A good friend of mine got deffered from Harvard than rejected from both Harvard and Yale. He got into Princeton (along with a bunch of other top schools) off the waitlist. He is very happy there. I know he sent a lot of updates and reiterated his interest in attending Princeton. Best of Luck.</p>

<p>Among the thousands of highly-qualified US students who apply to Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, I'm sure there occurs every possible permutation and combination of acceptances, waitlists, and rejections.</p>

<p>yes it happens all the time. i know many people
accepted by P, rejected H, Y
accepted by Y, rejected H, P
accepted by H, rejected Y, P</p>

<p>its not uncommon</p>

<p>me: accepted Y P , rej H
friend: rejected YP, acc H.</p>

<p>definitely happens. In terms of selectivity, they're all pretty close. For your interest you can check up the numbers and the ED/EA RD breakdowns.</p>

<p>i was rejected H, Y and accepted at Princeton. I'm international and physics olympiad. Probably Princeton valued this thing more than H and Y. </p>

<p>It depends a lot on the admissions policy of the school and the dean of admissions at each school. You might fit into the policy of onle one of HYP. So it surely happens.</p>

<p>You are in the same boat as me- still on P's waitlist but not sure if I'll go. Still hoping for Columbia waitlist.</p>

<p>what does H, Y, and P stand for?</p>

<p>haha im just kidding. I just find it funny that we can use such abbrieviations and everyone knows what we're talking about...</p>

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<p>yeah, add me to that list: accepted by P, waitlisted by H, rejected by Y</p>

<p>eh, the important thing is I got into where I really wanted to go</p>

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<p>I got rejected by Yale, waitlisted by Columbia and accepted at Princeton. I don't think there is a pattern...</p>