Rejected from Early Decision 2

I was fairly surprised that I was rejected from Bucknell for Early Decision.
I am an international student, and I have an SAT score of 1520, a GPA of 4.0, vice president of Student Council, captain of basketball team, Founder and President of Robotics Club, couple APs with mostly 5s, and 2 research paper published as the first author.

What could be a factor for my rejection?
My ideas:
-Asian (from South Korea)
-computer science major
-need financial aid

what are some of your ideas?

You are an international student who needs aid. That’s what got you rejected.


From their web page:

“Bucknell is currently not “need-blind” for international and undocumented students. A family’s financial contribution toward a student’s educational costs at Bucknell is part of the admissions review process, along with the other factors such as academic achievement, standardized test scores, leadership and service, unique perspectives and character qualities, special talents and geographic background.”

TheBigChef is probably correct. They were not planning to give you a scholarship and guessed you wouldn’t be able to attend without one, therefore they rejected you. It is called “yield protection”.

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OP: Have you applied to any other US colleges or universities ?

I was also rejected at u of Rochester for early decision 1

For an international student from an over-represented country needing aid any US school should be considered a major reach. Hopefully you have other applications pending in the US and in your home country.

TimeToCode, you sound very accomplished; sorry to hear that you got rejected for ED2. Perhaps you will get in regular decision. Did you apply to the engineering school for computer science, or the arts & sciences school? It may be harder to get into the engineering school, so that might be a factor. My son is a freshman at Bucknell and his roommate is an international student who needed some aid, so don’t give up hope.

How much aid did you asked? a full cover to tuition fees?

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