Rejected from Major - then Accepted?

On Thursday I was supposedly rejected from both my majors (Computer Science and Electrical Engineering). On mystatus, I received an invitation to choose another major (either mainly liberal-arts related or undeclared), but today I check back and it says I was accepted into CS. Not sure if it was a mistake on their end or what, but perhaps it is a lesson not to rule anything out, even after the decisions!

That happened to a friend of mine too! Is it only CS majors or other majors too?

Hey Dune297 not to get your hopes up, but did you happen to apply to Turing? If you did, have you heard back one way or the other?

@Longhorns061012‌ Yes, I applied for Turing. Still says I’m rejected though.

Ah so your app says CNS Honors denied?

@Longhorns061012‌ Yep.

Ah well damn - I’ve heard of people getting denied CS but getting into Turing reversed the decision. Sorry but congrats on CS!