Rejected from Mount Holyoke despite high grades/scores?

Just got rejected from MH as a spring 2019 transfer… I have a 2140 SAT (740 math, 690 reading, 710 writing) and 35 ACT (33 math, 35 science, 36 english, 35 reading). I got 5s on the AP French and AP English Comp tests in hs. I was applying as a computer science major and previously attended Rutgers in 2015 as a biomedical engineering student with a 4.0 GPA… took a few years off from school due to health/financial/housing issues (had to leave home suddenly and was granted independent student status). I’m currently at my local community college and still have straight As, several letters of recommendation. I’ve been working and struggling with housing for the last few years so my extracurriculars aren’t great, but since this summer I’ve volunteered at a girls’ summer camp, clinic escorting, and have taken up several martial arts (mainly western boxing, brazilian jiu jitsu, and MMA)…

The thing is, I don’t remember it being very difficult to get into Rutgers… I feel like I barely tried! I missed a lot of high school (most of 11th-12th grade) due to medical leave and I really only graduated because I had been taking senior level classes by 10th grade. I put much more thought into my applications this time around and had a college advisor helping me (which I didn’t have when I applied to Rutgers). I did an alumna interview this time as well, which I didn’t do with Rutgers. I’m surprised Rutgers even let me in at this point…

Mount Holyoke isn’t THAT much more exclusive than Rutgers (52% vs 58% for freshmen iirc), so what gives?? I honestly don’t understand what I could have done better! The only problem that came up in my application process was that my transcripts from Rutgers were sent out late (I forwarded my receipt to Mount Holyoke to confirm I sent them out way ahead of time and they agreed to review my application when they got the Rutgers transcripts).
I’m pretty hopeless now as I expected Mount Holyoke to pretty much be a safety school for me based on the stats I’d seen, and I’ve already been rejected from 3 other more exclusive schools…

MH is need aware. Were you applying/needing financial aid? If so, this could be the reason. FA for transfers is often harder to come by.

Also, don’t compare transfer acceptances to first year student acceptances. It’s totally different. The transfer acceptance rate at MH is not 52%. I believe it’s closer to 35%.

The applicant pool to Mount Holyoke is totally different than that at Rutgers. you cannot compare their acceptance rates. Admission is holistic and based on more than stats.

@momofsenior1 Yeah, I completely depend on financial aid because I’m an independent student…

Attempting to transfer for spring also might have a lower acceptance rate.

Mount Holyoke is extremely over enrolled. It is not a safety school for anyone anymore. They also offer Spring Admission to first years in their typical enrollment cycle so they must accommodate that group as a priority.

Mount Holyoke is need aware so if they can’t get you the funds you need to attend you will be rejected. I think you will find coming up with a huge amount of aid as a transfer student challenging. Your best bet may be to complete your education at Rutgers.

The selection process is so random, I don’t think you did anything wrong. Sorry if this is late, but I really wouldn’t worry about it. Just the luck of the draw.

The selection process is not “so random”

The OP was asking the school to her with $240,000 of an education (approx $80k/yr x 3 years). Approx 1300/2500 students are getting need based aid (avg = $40k/year). There is only so far the money goes.

For students who need substantial aid, applying to schools that are need aware, safety schools are limited to those with automatic merit scholarships (for example, UAl).

I’m sorry.

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You misunderstood what I said, yes need-aware schools are not safety schools for those in need of aid. But the college admissions process is as a whole is pretty random, the person reviewing your application, no matter how fair and professional, could be having a bad day and reject your application for something another would not. Sorry if I hit a nerve or something.

Sorry, @BF2003 - there are posters on CC who just throw out ‘it’s all random’.

But- this thread is 2 years old, so the OP is probably well sorted by now!