Rejected from MT programs.. should I transfer?

Hey everyone!!
So last year I was wildly unprepared for my MT auditions. I only auditioned for 4 schools and didn’t get accepted into any for musical theater. My songs and monologues were all meh and didn’t showcase my true ability. I’m currently at a school with a great theater minor in nyc and was wondering, do you think I should reaudition for 15-20 more schools like recommended, now that I have a great vocal teacher who can help me? I feel so much more prepared and with COVID, I feel it will be easier due to less travel fees. I was wondering what you all thought about transferring into a theater program and the possibility of it, I’ve always dreamt of NYU but of course, that’s difficult for anyone. I would love input:)

I think being more prepared for your college auditions and making a good school list that includes reach, mid-tier and safety schools is a good start. There are many amazing MT programs that are not NYU. You mentioned a vocal coach but many programs want strong acting skills as well, including acting the song. So be sure you have someone to work with you on that also. You need to know your “type” and choose strong audition cuts that show this well AND are appropriate for your playable age (usually within 5 years up or down from your actual age). And then there’s dance. If you get into a BFA program, you will likely have to start over. There is a lot of difference between the coursework in various programs and between BA and BFA. I hope this helps.

Definitely!! I’ve been working with a great monologue coach and did not have the right coach last time. I appreciate your feedback and will take it to heart!! Thank you!!