rejected from ucd, uci still hope?

<p>i have been recently rejected from ucd, i thought i could get in
with a
3.78 gpa
1990 on my sat
780 2C 640 CHEM. </p>

<p>Everyone who i thought would get into UCI for sure got in already, and i think they are sending in waves from most qualified to least qualified, then eventually rejecting the rest. i dont know im hecka stressed out right now and i dont mean to be stressing you other people who are in a similiar situation</p>

<p>EDIT: i also got the scholarship to ucr and got rejected from UCSD (shoot =()</p>

<p>yesss you definitely still have a chance. im pretty sure davis is more difficult then uci to get into. think positive!</p>

<p>You should be able to get into other colleges, too.</p>

<p>There is still hope. By the way, your stats are slightly higher than mine, except for your UC GPA.</p>

<p>My UC GPA is about 4.33. My ACT: 27 (=1830).
US History: 720
Math 2: 640</p>

<p>Your extracurriculars might have hurt you or not being in ELC might have possibly hurt you.</p>