rejected from UCLA, still chance at USC?

<p>rejected from UCLA, still chance at USC?
there were 55,000 people applied, and only around 4,000 were admitted. Do I still have a chance at USC... (36000 applied, 7,600 admitted)</p>

<p>I was wondering the same thing, thanks for bringing it up! :)</p>

<p>I<code>m kind of happy I didn</code>t get into UCLA because my heart lies with USC, but getting rejected from UCLA made me worry about my USC acceptance.</p>

<p>Sorry this reply isn`t much help, but I would also like to know.</p>

<p>On the bright side, I just read on a thread that "adcom told one of the users here on CC apparently they still have to accept another 50% .and it will all come on the 28th wave which is the biggest wave of them all"</p>

I<code>m sure we</code>ll both get in. FIGHT ON! :)
And good luck!</p>

<p>not true first off. 55,000 people applied, around 20,000 were admitted to UCLA. 4000 is not even their true enrollment size, its actually a "freshman class of 4700"</p>

<p>my estimate of 20,000 comes from a 23.3% enrollment rate, meaning that about one in four of the 20,000 admitted students enrolled, resulting in the class of 4700 freshman.</p>

<p>and to your question... HELL YEAH!</p>

<p>Don't worry about the UCLA rejection. It'll just bring you greater pleasure when our football team annihilates them again this year! :)</p>

<p>Also, I know someone who was accepted early decision to Stanford that got rejected from UCLA. Go Figure.</p>

<p>Best of luck guys! FIGHT ON!</p>

<p>Wait..if he got accepted to Stanford, why would he even apply to any other schools.</p>

<p>^^^Some people are fortunate enough to not needing to care about "minor details" such as costs, other have to consider it. I don't think there are too many middle-class parents who will not think hard about a choice of Stanford at "rack rate" vs a 50% or full ride at a less well known but still very rigorous school.</p>

<p>No...I mean, if he gets accepted early decision, then I thought you can't apply to other schools? I guess my questions should have been, HOW could he be applying to other schools.</p>

<p>Stanford is restrictive EA: Stanford:</a> Applying to Stanford | Freshman Applicants | Restrictive/Single-Choice Early Action</p>

<p>He/she is free to apply RD anywhere they please</p>

<p>just kidding, i've been corrected... i think they accepted more like 11,000.</p>

<p>Oh ok, i didn't know that and the person said ED so i got confused</p>

<p>I was accepted to USC in the second wave, in January... I will receive a $17,000 merit scholarship. But I was rejected at UCLA yesterday. I was out of state, tho'.</p>

<p>Back when I was applying to colleges a few years ago, I was rejected from UCLA and accepted at USC while one of my good friends was accepted at UCLA and rejected at USC.</p>

<p>The college admissions process works in mysterious ways.</p>

<p>I got rejected by UCLA, and accepted by USC! don't worry! :-)</p>

<p>i got accepted UCLA OOS, but I still realllllyyyy want to go to USC...I hope i can get in..i made this fatty mistake and didn;t send my supplemental letter of intent, but i contacted my admissions counselor and she let me fax it to her today. that would suck if my carelessness was why i didn't get in.</p>

<p>Hell Yeah you still have a chance! USC is better anyway :)</p>

<p>"not true first off. 55,000 people applied, around 20,000 were admitted to UCLA. 4000 is not even their true enrollment size, its actually a "freshman class of 4700""</p>

<p>THAT's not true. yes, 4700 are expected to matriculate, but 4,700/20,000 would make their yield enormous. The actual number is around 10,000-11,000 admitted.</p>

<p>i actually corrected myself already...but i knew this was coming lol</p>

<p>sorry about that, didn't do too thorough a reading job :)</p>

<p>You need to send at least one letter of recommendation to USC that might help you while UCLA does not require any letter of recommendation.</p>

<p>i send a number of recommendations to USC (and all my schools lol)</p>

<p>3 teachers (over the top but i didn't mean too, one is popular so she has an "applicant process" and i thought i would be "rejected" lol)
1 architect (acrhitecture applicant)
+ guidance counselor</p>