Rejected from UCSB????

<p>i got rejected from ucsb saying</p>

<p>"We appreciate your interest in the University of California, Santa Barbara. We have evaluated your application for admission for the Fall 2009 quarter and regret that we cannot offer you admission to UC Santa Barbara at this time. You do not meet the University of California's minimum admission requirements."</p>

<p>i met all requirements, what are they talking about!</p>

<p>What were your stats?</p>

<p>ok i just talked to them. two of my classes didnt transfer :( leaves me with 59 units. im ****ed...</p>

<p>What cc are you at? You can add an 8 week class to bring your units up.</p>

<p>My application to UCSB is still in pending, does it mean I will be rejected?</p>

<p>im not from cc, im from a private.. but the lady said that i can add a summer course and then appeal.. she said i have a good shot, since hte only thing standing in my way are the courses that didn't transfer.</p>

<p>Yanlau920, no they are doing rolling admissions, they will tell you if you are declined.</p>

<p>anyone know how to appeal?</p>

<p>oh man this is suck</p>

<p>I have a question for the OP. Did you get an email a few weeks ago from UCSB stating that you were 1 unit short? </p>

<p>I got one that said I was 1.67 semester units short, and they asked if I could take a class in the summer. I replied that I could and proposed a class, but the decision is still pending. I have been accepted to UCD and UCSC so far, so apparently it is only SB that feels I am short on units. Just curious if you got a similar email???</p>

<p>i got similar email two weeks ago! says two of my courses are not transferable. i got in UCI without any problem! forget UCSB!</p>

<p>tiddyzhang, did you hear back a final from UCSB yet and did you propose a class for the summer?</p>

<p>Peppamintt, I'm curious what kind of classes were the two that they did not give you credit for? </p>

<p>Were they generic intro classes like Polysci 101, Bio 101, etc... or obscure ones like Egyptian Art 101?</p>

<p>Did you use AP credit at all to achieve that 60 unit minimum?</p>

<p>i never got such an email. i was just rejected. that seems weird. and the weird thing is, i wrote on my update that i would be taking a course, which would push me up to 61 units, but they still didn't accept me. said it didn't count?</p>

<p>and one was business statistics, and the other was a management science class from my school. and another, that i just found out, was a freshman management class. </p>

<p>and no, no AP credit. </p>

<p>i'm so bummed out about this!</p>

<p>is this going to eliminate you for the other UCs?</p>

<p>i really hope not. do you think it does? i mean, my stats class they said they didn't accept it because it didn't have a pre-req of intermediate algebra.. they said they didn't see one in the catalog, but it DOES say it in the catalog.</p>

<p>but the admissions counselor said that if i appeal, i have an excellent shot. im jsut confused. i'm relying on UCs here! :(</p>

<p>krnoodles, I don't think it would eliminate peppamintt from all UCs because he stated that he's coming from a private school. When that's the case they have to look at every single class to determine transferability. </p>

<p>Those of us at CCC's are lucky because we know which classes are going to be UC transferable by the course description at the time we apply. This way we can be sure how many units we have, but coming from a private school it's a gamble. </p>

<p>You won't know ahead of time and since each UC evaluates transferability independently it's possible other UC's will give him enough credit to meet the 60.</p>

<p>*Also, my gut feeling is that if it's an intro course you have a better chance of transferability. Like an intro to Philosophy for example since those do not require any pre-reqs as you mentioned which is why they didn't give you credit for a class that should have had a pre-req (at least in their eyes).</p>

<p>thanks cougar.. i hope thats true</p>

<p>and btw, she* =)</p>

<p>i feel my luck is getting worse day by day!! and ucsb was so my dream place to go. ugh.</p>

<p>Haha my bad peppamintt, I like how I subconsciously bring my phallocentric views onto this forum, assuming everyone is a guy lol.</p>

<p>oh trust me, it's not just you.. it's everyone, even me.. we're programmed to say "him"</p>