Rejected from UCSD - Chances of making UCI?

<p>I'm so stressed that I got rejected from UCSD. I really have to make it into UCI or UCSB because I didn't apply anywhere else.</p>

<p>Here are my stats:
Unweighted High school GPA 3.38
Weighted High school GPA 3.61
SAT reasoning: 2120<a href="690%20Math,%20740%20Writing,%20690%20Critical%20Reading">/B</a>
SATII Subject Tests: US History 710, Literature 690, Spanish 700
AP Tests: US History **5
, AP English Language 5</p>

<p>I'm in a few clubs (NHS, Kiwins, CSF) and played volleyball (1 year) and golf (2 years). I've played the violin for like 10 years and took 4 years of our school's advanced orchestra an have taken every honors class available pretty much throughout high school.<br>
I've seen better students with better grades and scores get rejected from UCI already from these forums. But I've also seen kids with really low SAT scores and non-existent extra-curriculars get in. So I'm mad confused.</p>

<p>Advice or anything please!!!!</p>

<p>To clear things up, there is no real combinations of SAT scores and extracurriculars to get in anywhere.</p>

<p>There isn't really anything you can do, but wait.</p>

<p>You seem to be a really strong applicant.</p>

<p>I have no where the same grades and test scores as you. Extracurriculars - that's debatable.</p>

<p>How was your personal statement? </p>

<p>I've been accepted to every UC so far [UCSD, UCD, and UCSC].</p>

<p>I wish you the best of luck!</p>

<p>This year is real crazy for UCs especially for UCD and UCSD. Who knows is my answer?</p>

<p>I think it's unlikely that you'll be rejected from both UCI and UCSB. UCSD is more competitive than both those schools. Your GPA is low for UCSD, frankly.</p>

<p>Since you are UC eligible, I'm not sure what would happen if you were rejected from both UCI and UCSB. My understanding is that, you should be guaranteed a spot SOMEWHERE, meaning you could go to Riverside or Merced. You can research this on your own and let us know if this is true.</p>

<p>But like I said, though thiere are no guarantees, I don't think you'll be rejected from both UCI and UCSB. I am assuming you are a California resident.</p>

<p>i'm in the same boat as you.. rejected from ucsd and waiting on uci. if i don't get into uci, idk where i'll go. my gpa is higher, sats about 100 pts lower, and i have far less ECs, so i'm worried =/</p>

<p>In the off chance you get rejected from all of them, you CAN try appealing. They'll probably be sympathetic because you don't have anywhere else to go, and you're a CA resident, so they want you.</p>

<p>Well I'll find out ucsb tomorrow. So I'll either be extremely relieved or.... Not.</p>

<p>didnt irvine already say?</p>

<p>I think if you are a CA resident, u'll get least UCI</p>

<p>I'm in the same boat. I was rejected by SD, still waiting for UCI. but I'm also wondering about my chances with UCSB...I guess I'll find out today =/ good luck to you!</p>

<p>well? how'd it go for ucsb</p>

<p>I have similar stats with you and extracurriculars.. actually pretty much the same. I think we balance each other out.</p>

<p>I got into UCSB, and I got rejected from SD and Davis.</p>

<p>I got into ucsb!!! Hopefully I hear from irvine soon.</p>

<p>Congratulations! Talk about an amazing location to go to school...</p>

<p>Try not to stress out too much. Playing the waiting game really sucks, but I think you have a good chance of getting into UCI. I checked the admission stats for UCI on Wikipedia =P and the average high school GPA of incoming freshmen was 3.8 or 3.9. Then again, I'm waiting for UCI myself, though I got accepted to UCD and UCSB. Irvine is supposed to release info on March 31st according to their website, but I've heard two other classmates have been accepted to UCI.</p>