Rejected from UCSD? Now what?

<p>I am sure a lot of you are bummed and surprised if you were rejected from UCSD. Based on past threads, there were many of you who had high GPAs and test scores and were still rejected. </p>

<p>I'm sure that I am in the same boat as most of you. Now that UCSD has me, I'm pretty sure my chances for LA or Berkeley is nil. </p>

<p>But what are the plans for the rest of you? Which lower-tiered UC will you decide to go to and why?</p>

<p>davis most probably.......close to home and good managment program
bummed though i cant live next 4 yrs in socal</p>

<p>i will probably end up going to UCI, since i live near it. save some money. i was really expecting to get into UCSD.. my friends are surprised i got rejected too... but i'm happy with UCI i guess</p>

<p>Davis.. :/ i guess i should be happy though.</p>

<p>when did UCI and UCD become lower tiered then UCSD? lol... ppl from socal.</p>

<p>UCI I suppose. I'll probably appeal Davis but I'd rather live in SoCal.</p>

<p>Well, I got rejected from SD too. Im still waiting on Irvine, probably ending up goin to UCI if they accept me or go to Davis if Irvine also rejects me.</p>

<p>for those of you deciding between uc irvine and uc davis, i have questioned many of my friends to see which one would be better for me. many of them told me that uc irvine basically has it all and that it's not the "socially dead" school that many ppl claim it to be. uc davis isnt that bad either, but it's a cow-town and its in nor cal.</p>

<p>minty331 UC Davis is not a cow town, LOL....Have you ever been there? I seriously doubt it. Look before you speak. UCD has a gorgeous and really fun campus. Huge greek scene, D1 football, 26 NCAA sports teams, the amazing and spirited Aggie Pack (biggest school spirit organization west of the Mississippi), one of the biggest intramural sports programs in the country, one of the biggest internship programs in the country, free movies, concerts, an awesome array of really great restaurants, the downtown farmers market, fun parties, The Mondavi Center for the Arts, an hour from Berkeley, 40 minutes from the Napa Valley, 15 minutes from downtown Sacramento, 1 1/2 hours from Lake Tahoe Located in a true college town, UCD is known as the chill UC and doesn't have that commuter school vibe. ;)</p>


<p>Wow, i'm in the same boat with like tons of you guys. SD rejected me but I got Davis. Iono about Irvine yet but we'll see! See most of you guys there, I guess (:</p>

<p>well i got into both irvine and davis.. i think both are good schools but it's just that davis appeals to me more</p>

<p>Hello rejects, you are not alone. I got rejected too. I know it sucks, but life moves on.</p>

<p>Is UCSD the only UC that uses that stupid point system (for acceptance), or do all the UC's use it?</p>

<p>UCI vs UCD????</p>

<p>Im still on the UCSD vs UCD!!! UCSD is so DEADDD in the social atmosphere!</p>

<p>Kevster: All UCs use it except Cal and LA.</p>

<p>I guess I'm gonna hope for UCI or UCSB now, and PRAY for USC.
So far I've gotten into UCR, UCM, UCSC, and UCD, so if all else fails, i'll probably end up going to UCD but it really doesn't fit me. If i do get into UCI or UCSB i'm going there instead of UCD forsure.</p>

<p>For those of you sitting on the fence about what school to attend. If you have friends attending go and stay for a day or two. Aim for a Friday so you can peek in on a class and also get to see the social atmosphere of the place on a weekend.</p>

<p>^that's a good idea, collegemom. the only problem for me is location. im from norcal and davis is at least an hour away. irvine's possibly out of the question since its in socal. ill need to convince my parents to let me spend a day or two at either one of the colleges. </p>

<p>anyone else stuck between UCI / UC Davis / UCSB? im sure many of us would like to hear some input for each one.</p>

<p>As a parent, I realize that in a few months my son will be in college. It is wise for me to assist him in any way I can in finding the best college fit so that he can thrive and be happy. I suggest you explain this to your parents and ask for their assistance in helping you choose wisely (bring them on your team). If you make up a list of pros and cons of each school (include some academic information) you will show them you are approaching this from a mature perspective. Ask what they think is important and add it to your list. After reviewing the list with them, ask them to let you go and visit and make an overnight stay. I think most parents will realize that it is good for you to begin stretching your wings a little and understand your need to visit away from them so that you can experience what it is like to live on the campus. Also they will know that the college choice made is truly your own. If they are the nervous type encourage them to travel with you and stay in a nearby inn so that you can call should you experience any problems.</p>

<p>I have a friend here at Cal, who got rejected from SD and still got in.</p>