Rejected question

<p>if you’re rejected by davis or irvine or santa cruz or something, does that mean no shot at the higher ones, such as UCSD/UCB/UCLA?</p>

<p>That depends on your stats. A girl on the board last year was rejected from the middle tier but ended up at Berkeley.</p>

<p>I think you will have a shot at UCSD which probably ranks similarly to SB/I/D. I don't know about Cal or LA if that's common.</p>

<p>I guess the real question: Do UCs know to which other UCs you've applied?</p>

<p>^It seems like only Merced and Riverside do since they bug you about going there if you get rejected elsewhere.</p>

<p>If we check, but I promise you we aren't going to take the time to check nor is it ever taken into consideration. All we worry about is that you applied to our campus and we need review the information provided to us to make a decision regarding your admission to our campus.</p>

<p>Campuses that choose to participate can receive a list of names of applicants that were not admitted to any of the campuses the student applied to and offer them admission; therefore, keeping California's promise to admit all eligible applicants into the UC system.</p>

<p>My son never got an acknowledgment that his application was complete (he got an email saying they received his application submission, and he was supposed to receive a letter confirming it was complete - he NOW tells me he never received such a letter). </p>

<p>Could he have been rejected b/c he omitted necessary information, or would he have received other notification in the interim that he still needed to supply such information?</p>

<p>He has a GPA over 3.6 and SATs over 2100 (and SAT IIs over 700 each), and he got rejected at UCD, which we found surprising - made us wonder if he left off something in his application.</p>

<p>^I've actually heard of someone with similar stats getting rejected as well. If you think something was left out, then you have a grounds to appeal your decision, the process for which starts I think after all the decisions come in.</p>

<p>A lot of high-stats applicants are said to have been rejected this year, for various rumored reasons (too many students accepted last year, over-crowded majors, etc.); it'll be interesting what the real reason is when all the dust has settled.</p>

<p>2340 SAT I, a bunch of mid-to-high-700s SAT IIs, and coming from two of the best private boarding schools in the country.</p>

<p>^ Me. UCSC=Rejected. Out of state, but still...a little shocked.</p>

<p>^That's mad!</p>

<p>Im not at all upset because the other three I applied to were the ones I really wanted to go to, I dont really know anything about UCSC but I threw it on there since its all the same app and Santa Cruz is a cool area.</p>

<p>What bothers me is that the other three I applied to, UCSB, UCLA, and Berkeley, are all more selective, and on the UCSC website it says they accepted 20,000 and rejected about 7, insanely high acceptance rate. Im that bad? Really?</p>

<p>I think it's just because you're out of state... no worries, I'm in the same boat</p>

<p>I mean not just because... but they give serious preference to the in-state applicants</p>

<p>acary617, my daughter also got rejected by UCSC with a 3.7UC GPA (3.6+UW), 2110 SAT's and 1150 (boo) SAT 2's, very good EC's (not stellar), excellent essays, and ample volunteer hours. She is also OOS. While her stats are obviously not in league with yours, they are very competitive with those who have posted their acceptances. </p>

<p>Your rejected stats strike me as the stats of someone who wouldn't go to UCSC even if accepted because, as a private school student, your family can probably afford to send you anywhere you get in (admittedly this may be presuming too much, but they may have too) and/or with stats like yours you'll be admitted to better schools that will offer you merit aid. Why offer a spot to an OOS kid with options that could be preserved for an eligible in state applicant? This perspective didn't initially occur to me relative to my daughter, but perhaps it applies still.</p>

<p>I'm guessing DD should brace for more UC rejections, but maybe one of them will see her as a great fit. Who knows? In the meantime, she did get accepted to some great schools that did offer her great merit aid, so all is good. :)</p>

<p>No, your assumptions are definitely correct, besides the UCs all the schools I applied to were private. But I would choose SB, LA, or Berkeley over many of them in a heartbeat. </p>

<p>Your daughters stats are very impressive, glad to hear shes already gotten some good news!</p>

<p>I hope your theory is correct- your daughter and I are, in a sense, overqualified for the school. I think that, in combination with our out-of-state status, would make admission unlikely. </p>

<p>Did she apply to any other UCs?</p>

<p>Yes--The three you mention.</p>

<p>UCSB wouldn't be worth the expense, but if you were to get into UCB or LA the cost of OOS tuition could be better justified. Your stats are in line with those schools so good luck. :)</p>

<p>i was accepted as an OOS kid at UCSC with a 1770 SAT (one sitting, did way better superscored) 640 Lit 650 US His and a 4.44</p>

<p>applied to to SC, Berkeley, and Los Angeles</p>

<p>I bet it's the GPA that does it- at NE prep schools like the two I went to, very very VERY few kids get even close to a 4.0. Kids in the low-3s regularly go Ivy League.</p>