Rejected :(

<p>Yeah, so i found out today i was rejected for SAS, engineering, and EBS. Do you guys think that if I call admissions tomorrow and annoy them to death they'll re look at my application?</p>

<p>A 2.9 is pretty low, and Rutgers NB is getting more and more competitive.. The average is a 3.5.
Unless you think there's been a legitimate mistake (ie: you were a 3.8 student), or you have no idea why you've been rejected, there's no point in filing. You don't really have a case for appeal, and the most they can tell you is why you were rejected (which I'm sure you can figure out by now..)</p>

<p>Justin, didn't you say on another post that your GPA is a 83/100? that is NOT a 2.9 on a 4.0 scale, which is what Rutgers use. The conversions are self explanatory, 100=4.0, 83x4 and then divide by 100, you should get a GPA above 3.0. </p>

<p>Unless 2.9 is what is denoted on your official transcript, then I see no reason why you should appeal, but normally, that's not how high school calculates GPAs. If you go by the standard, your GPA would appear to be above 3.0</p>

<p>A 3.0-3.2 is still below average, unless he had a great hook, great EC'S, great SAT's.. I see this as a pretty legitimate rejection. </p>

<p>How</a> to Convert Your GPA to a 4.0 Scale</p>

<p>GPA Percentile Letter Grade
4.0 95-100 A
3.9 94 A
3.8 93 A
3.7 92 A
3.6 91 A
3.5 90 A
3.4 89 B
3.3 88 B
3.2 87 B
3.1 86 B
3.0 85 B
2.9 84 B
2.8 83 B
2.7 82 B
2.6 81 B
2.5 80 B
2.4 79 C
2.3 78 C
2.2 77 C
2.1 76 C
2.0 75 C
1.9 74 C
1.8 73 C
1.7 72 C
1.6 71 C
1.5 70 C
1.4 69 D
1.3 68 D
1.2 67 D
1.1 66 D
1.0 65 D
0.9 65 D
0.8 65 D
0.7 65 D
0.6 65 D
0.5 65 D
0.4 65 F
0.3 65 F
0.2 65 F
0.1 65 F</p>

<p>I applied in OCT to newbrunsick campus this is also my top pick
My GPA is a 86
And my SAT Is a 1430
I just took the SATs again do you think I might have a chance if I called and appealed with new scores??
Please comment</p>

<p>1430/1600? if that's just the critical reading and math scores then yes, you have a pretty good chance.</p>

<p>Nah 1430 out of 2400 but I took them again the past Saturday and am expecting at least 1600
U think I have a chance if I Appel my descion</p>

<p>I got into Rutgers NB with a 2.99 GPA, but only because my grades had an upward trend. Ended up with 3 consecutive quarters of a 3.5+ towards the end of where I transferred from. I turned down NB though and instead went to Newark because the commute is shorter.</p>

<p>honestly i don't think they will change their decision...2.9 is pretty low for those schools, and your SATs should ideally be above 1700, preferably higher because of your GPA though. Your best bet at this point would be to start at a CC and transfer, just keep your grades up.</p>