Rejected :(

<p>Last night (well actually this morning) I decided to randomly check my Rutgers Status and I found out that I was denied admission at Rutgers NB Business School and SAS.</p>

<p>I pretty much knew that I wouldn't get into the business school, but I had faith in the SAS...</p>

<p>I applied with a 1660 SAT, and 3.5 GPA, and I was ranked number 2/38 in my class (not sure if the self-report thing asked about the rank; I think it did)</p>

<p>I had an essay that my English teacher told me not to modify anymore because it would look like a college student wrote it for me.</p>

<p>Earlier today, I posted that I got denied on FB and my friend told me that she got in with a 3.2 1600...I have to admit, her school is a bit more challenging than mine, but not by much (we both go to parochial hs's in jersey) but her SAT is lower, so that should negate that factor.</p>

<p>Do you think I should re-apply with my first and second marking period grades? (I have like a 3.7) or do you think it'll be a waste of time considering that my scores are too low?</p>

<p>I must admit, RU isn't my top choice, and I already have a full tuition scholarship to Howard University, but it kinda hurt my pride that a kid from Jersey who grew up in Rutgersland didn't get please :.(</p>

<p>If you got full tuition scholarship to Howard, then go there.</p>

<p>Go to the college where you were accepted. If you REALLY want to get into Rutgers though, I suggest re-applying again. I got wait-listed, then rejected the first time (I applied right out of high school). Then, I did a year of college elsewhere, applied again, and got in.</p>