<p>i received some information from a source: those who received the email after the 19th are on the email list of those NOT invited to the second round i.e. REJECTED. i am not sure about those who received the email on the 19th, but got it late in the evening. this is extremely disheartening. <em>tear</em> the essays alone consumed about 20 hours of my time. i was accepted to uchicago early action, but deep springs is [was] my first choice…..</p>

<p>Would you like to share any more information about the credibility of your source? This seems like fear mongering.</p>

<p>Please do explain how you heard this! No use despairing if this claim is unfounded.</p>

<p>y'all, this is deep springs, not deep throat.all i can say that the information is DEFINITELY deemed credible.</p>

So you know nothing for sure about the fate of those who got emails on the 19th?</p>

<p>We have no reason to believe this. Do not let paranoia seize you. Assume every statement is false until it is proven true.</p>