<p>how did i get rejected with a 1430 sat and 93 gpa?</p>

<p>When did you send it the app? The seats may be full for the major you designated, and then no one gets in. You did not designate an alternative campus or summer session. My brothers best friend who ended up at MIT, was rejected for engineering at U Florida. Just was late getting the app in.</p>

<p>probably no space in UP campus.</p>

<p>Are you out of state? That may have had something to do with it</p>

<p>it's only penn state anyway</p>

<p>my good friend was also rejected 1350 SAT, tons of ec's, top 15%, she was out of state don't know if thats got anything to do with it</p>

<p>they told me to choose an alternate campus!!
What an insult I'm definately not going there.</p>

<p>The other Penn State campuses aren't very good by themselves in my opinion. The only benefit of attending another Penn State campus is being able to transfer to UP after your second year. Other than that, they're just regular colleges with only the Penn State name.</p>

<p>Everything has to do with when you apply. If you forget it's rolling and apply in January with the other apps, you have almost zero chance of getting in.</p>

<p>Where as, if you apply very very early, you have a better chance.</p>

<p>Penn State has 40,000 undergrads on main campus alone, you have to apply early if you want consideration, it just fills up.</p>