Rejection Letters

<p>PSU Musical Theater rejections :(</p>

<p>I'm a prospective transfer student...had the opportunity to watch the current seniors perform in San Diego, met with the head of the dept. - Cary Libkin, had a great audition......and just received my REJECTION to the MT program....I was however, accepted into the school itself. Oh well...perhaps it's not meant to be.</p>

<p>sdguy21 - When did you audition?</p>

<p>My two best friends got their rejections today.</p>

<p>I still haven't heard.</p>

<p>I auditioned feb. 9 in Los Angeles</p>

<p>SYRSO2YRSAGO, when did you and/or your friends audition for PennState?</p>

<p>Daughter's rejection yesterday.</p>

<p>Condolences to all who did not make it into Penn State. Hang in there ... I am sure good things are coming all of your ways. (Sorry for how awkward that sentence is! Know my heart is in the right place.)</p>

<p>I don't mind so much that Penn State declined my D...but I DO mind that they sent a fat envelope with a thin envelope inside saying we don't want you for MT, but hey, how about abandoning your dreams and pursuing another career here at PSU?</p>


<p>But not particularily sad about it..</p>