Rejections mean I'm a bad person?

<p>I can't for the life of me understand this. I was rejected by all the UCs, practically, and it's like...I feel just horrible. I feel like I could've just sloguhed through my entire HS experience and skipped all the AP classes I took.</p>

<p>So I have a
3.5 WGPA
4 APs
2050 SAT
and very few ECs. IE </p>

<p>But I kind of think, shouldn't college be about people who learn? I mean...all my extra curriculars are things I can't "write" about. If I read alot, does that make me a bad, un-rounded person. I spend time reading, therefore I am antisocial, therefore not well rounded, therefore not college applicable.</p>

<p>Rejected from all the UCs, excepting Riverside/Merced/Santa Cruz. (Didn't even think to apply there) I mean...</p>

<p>And now, if I do appeal, what should I say? I don't have a medical problem, special acheivement, or anything to support it...???</p>

<p>Don't appeal if you don't have any extenuating circumstances to explain and/or a significant achievement since the time you applied, or you suspect that your transcript/info was confused with another person's or misplaced.</p>

<p>wow, that sucks...</p>

<p>yes. (ten chars)</p>

<p>wel it doesnt mean ur a bad person...just....u were unlucky during the admissions coin toss?</p>

<p>Unlucky but your sats are low for UC Berkely if that was your top choice. UC Berkely wants high GPA+ SAT or good ECs. Good luck and cheer up!</p>

<p>Poor guy. I hope you will get in somewhere you want to attend. I feel you. :(</p>

<p>Aferi--Are you sure that your school sent in the right transcript or that something wasn't "wrong" with your application? I would contact your guidance counselor and see if he/she can find out something--sometimes there are mistakes in your record and you don't even realize it.</p>

If I read alot, does that make me a bad, un-rounded person. I spend time reading, therefore I am antisocial, therefore not well rounded, therefore not college applicable.


<p>Although I don't know much specifically about the UCs to judge whether they made a mistake while processing your app, I'm pretty confident that "reading a lot" doesn't make a good EC. Why? Isn't it a good habit?</p>

<p>Ofcourse it is; but the nature of the ECs mentioned in your college app should be such that there is a suitable barometer to gauge your involvement.</p>

<p>For example: If you play tennis, you may write "Tennis - Captain of Varsity tennis team and ranked #32 nationally." You wouldn't write "Tennis - I love tennis and play it with friends and family."</p>

<p>See the difference?</p>

<p>When you mention reading, there is no description that will show to the adcom your involvement. You won't write "Reading - Read 3000 books at last count." Why? Because it still doesn't give the college a clear picture.</p>

<p>really.really.really. bad luck. unless you had absolutely no ECs.</p>

Rejections mean I'm a bad person?


<p>duh. if a college rejects you, you are automatically placed on the naughty list. better take a little more consideration next time before applying to reach school! ;)</p>

<p>nah, it doesn't mean that you're a bad person. It means that you're inferior to the people who got accepted</p>

<p>um,,, no inferior is not the word to use here, egad.....</p>

<p>And there are going to be many with lower stats that got andison's threads....wonderful amazing kid, rejected everywhere, took a gap year, and now I think is at MIT</p>

<p>Inferior is just a cruel word....and uncalled for....</p>

<p>In this case, you have thousands of applicants applying to almost all the UCs, creating this mess of applications, and the OP got caught in the quagmire</p>

<p>Aferi, ten years ago you would have been accepted by several schools which did not accept you this year. Why? Because this is the most competitive applications year in history. There's more applicants for the same number of openings. With UC stressing high school GPA - and yours being less outstanding than your test scores, relatively - there were just too many applicants with 3.6 and 3.7 and 3.8 GPAs applying, who took the spots that in another year you would have had a shot at. It doesn't mean you're a "bad person" - it just means the numbers were against you this year. This kind of thing is likely to happen to you throughout your life - it happens to everyone. </p>

<p>You'll probably still have the opportunity to enroll in Riverside or Merced. (In the past they've have a "second chance" system where they offer you a chance to apply even now. I assume they're going to offer that this year as well.) I don't know much about Merced, but Riverside is an excellent college, which suffers from the "ugly duckling" syndrome of being the UC with the "least prestige." That doesn't mean it's a "bad University" any more than you're a "bad person." (It's ranked in the top 100 Research Universities in the country.) Or you could go the CC to UC route. This event doesn't mean you're a "bad person", but it does give you an opportunity to prove yourself to be better than some of those who were picked ahead of you in the years to come.</p>

<p>We'll be pulling for you here at CC, and I'm sure your friends and family will be, too. I know it's been a blow to you (nothing more depressing than piece after piece of bad news, doled out day after day.) But pick yourself up and give it a shot. You still have lots of opportunities available to you that are exciting and can give you everything you could ask for in terms of an education.</p>

<p>On the UCs that use point system, call them and see if you can appeal. With the number of applicants this year, they migth miss something. At the UCSD's forum, one student's volunteer hours was missed eventhough he listed them.</p>