Rejections out?

<p>Does anyone know if any rejections have been sent out yet?</p>

<p>all decisions are being mailed this week, so yeah</p>

<p>yea...i read on the decisions thread that this kid from Hong Kong got rejected from i guess they've already emailed them</p>

<p>internationals get results earlier. US applicants get them by the end of the week at the earliest.</p>

<p>Ok obviously admissions have decided on each applicant - rejection, acceptance or gsp. So why don't they use that nice little box with the shiny lights and nifty buttons in their offices (computers) and post it online. What's with the snail mail? Why not send an email now, and then send a formal letter of rejection/acceptance (along with the hundreds of pamphlets they usually send) later on.</p>

<p>Why don't you ask them?</p>

<p>very nice idea molly</p>

<p>phoenixwright - I would but I already got my reply weeks ago, so it wouldn't make sense to contact admissions on the behalf of those applicants who didn't receive a reply yet :) </p>

<p>All my other schools send an email first then follow it up with a formal letter, it just makes sense. I sympathize with all of you though - good luck.</p>