<p>Name the schools that you got rejected from and if you were surprised or not.</p>

<p>UCSD- Not Shocked I did not even want to go there anyways
UCD- I was shocked at first but then I heard that they only accepted 5,000 out of the like 40,000 that applied then i felt better. Plus I did not want to go there.</p>

<p>same as you rejected from ucd and ucsd</p>

<p>really bummed out, i just really hope i get into irvine.</p>

<p>and was it they only accepted 5,000? or they only have room for 5,000?</p>

<p>rejected from Virginia Tech.
super bummed out :[</p>

<p>rejected from ucsd.. kinda shocked since from the acceptances i read here, i had a significantly higher GPA. but i'm pretty sure i know what it is that didn't get me in..</p>

<p>pretty bummed about it too, that was one of my top choices</p>