relation to decision?

<p>i was just wondering whether colleges do the financial aid packages at the same time an admissions decision is made or do they do the financial aid packages AFTER, for only the accepted students. i mean it would be a huge waste of time, especially for some of the colleges that recieve tens of thousands of applications each year, to do a financial aid package for everyone that applies for aid
basically i got a letter saying the college is missing stuff from my financial aid forms or whatnot, so could that be a sign that the admissions office already accepted me and now sent the file over to the fin aid office?</p>

<p>Early decision candidates usually get the award letter along with or shortly after receiving an acceptance letter. Check with admissions to see if you're accepted. Sounds to me like a screw up. You don't tell a job applicant he's missing a W-4 (withholding certificate) if he hasn't been hired. Financial aid offices have better things to do than request info just for the hell of it!</p>

<p>The financial aid department generally works independently of admissions, and will follow up to make sure all paperwork is in order before the decision is made. So getting a communication from financial aid doesn't mean that you have been accepted. Yes, it's a waste of time -- but it would be worse if they weren't ready with financial aid packages for admitted students because there was stuff missing from the file. </p>

<p>So don't read anything into it, but do respond quickly and give them whatever they are asking for.</p>