relationship FAFSA; CSS Profile; Net Price Calculator

<p>Gosh I am confused.</p>

<p>I am trying to move around assets to create best situation for us. </p>

<p>I've been working on College Board using the financial section. I understand and completed the FAFSA. I completed the CSS Profile and noticed that this includes questions on home equity and IRAs. It also asks for siblings assets. OK, I completed these. This gives me 2 numbers for EFC, a IM and FM. I get that.</p>

<p>Next, I complete the Net Price Calculator, using the link for my son's first choice school. This Calculator asks for most of what is on the FAFSA, and the home equity but NOTHING on IRAs or sibling assets. It gives me a breakdown of overall costs including misc expenses and travel; and an EFC.</p>

<p>Question is -> Which is the most accurate? Am I to assume that the Net Price Calculator is the profile used by the school; and I wont need to provide IRA data and sibling assets; OR is it pulling this information from what is already entered on the profile?</p>


<p>It sounds like the school does not use IRA or sibling data. But since Net Price Calculators are new on the web sites there is some uncertainty as to their accuracy. Calling the school admissions office is the best way to find out how they handle that info.</p>