Relax, don't do it!

<p>sorry for that song reference... but still
let's relax, and stop freaking out.</p>

<p>we can post things we're doing this week to not freak out.</p>

<p>i'll start: taking a road test & buying christmas presents for people and my secret santa</p>

<p>now you go!</p>

<p>I have plenty of decorating to do, and tomorrow I'm going holiday shopping bright and early with my Mum, then meeting friends at the movies to see Narnia! ^^; --which I am quite excited about.</p>

<p>Hm... otherwise this week? Well, I have a physics test on Monday... gift wrapping/card writing, and the rest of the week I'll be freaking out. ;)</p>

<p>PS - good luck on your road test!</p>

<p>i'll be doing homework, naturally =). but other than that i guess cheerleading practice will keep me occupied...i actually have practice until 5 on thursday, so that's cool</p>

<p>secret santa is awesome :)</p>

<p>Doing a LOT of Homework. Tommorow, I got my IB french orals, a chem lab due, and my IB SL business coursework. Thursday's gonna kill me - the tripple murder - I got a Maths ENTIRE Calculus IB HL Test as well as a finance test in business, each for an hour, back to back and a minute break in between (that too for switching between classes).</p>

<p>Ya, iknow i'm complaining a bit too much... But I gotta let the stress out...</p>

<p>Lol. At least you people have something to do. Korean school year ends in December (technically February but we have winter break before that and I come back to school for one day for my graduation ceremony), so all my exams are over and I'm stuck in my dorm room staring at computer screens. Yes, screens as in plural because I'm running 3 computers in my room right now :)</p>

<p>"At least you people have something to do" ???????? COL.
You're probably the luckiest person i've met this year!!!!
I'd rather be in your position any day. GOD. And, on top of all this work, I'm getting a migraine right now. I'm soooo screwed this week. Maybe I'll just bunk school..............</p>

<p>when results are coming out, ill be here at college confidential to see if anyone else has gotten his/her reults and then i will check my e-mail or application status all the while wondering whether i have to finish three of my other regular decision apps or not...........</p>


<p>Lol. I remember the moral of Candide was something along the lines of ''if you aren't suffering, then you'll be getting bored to death.'</p>

<p>I just found out i have to go to an art opening!!!! from 4:30 to 6pm!!!! on dec 15th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then I might have to go to the dentist!!! !!!! i just love gods plan lol :)!!!! makes my life exciting!!!:D!!!!</p>

<p>Good luck !!!! to you all</p>

<p>Dude, I'll be sleeping when the results come out. It's 3 am, 16th December for me. It kinda seems so much longer!!!!
Imagine waking up early in the morning - completely drowsy, going on the CU ugrad admissions site, checking your decision, and when u see it, u think to yourself, "okkkkkk...................................................................................."</p>

<p>And then u slam your face on the keyboard wishing u were never born. (sigh..................)</p>

<p>that's gotta be rough</p>

<p>sorry dude.</p>

<p>I passed my roadtest!! :)
my week is happy right now.</p>

<p>i have a choir rehearsal for our winter concert on thursday FROM 5 TO 7 OF COURSE!!!!!!!!! so i probably wont be able to check before i leave. i will be FLIPPING OUT. i'll probably faint on the stage or something.</p>

<p>oh orca, try not to think about it during the concert, the concert should make the time fly and then u can go home nad check ur result.</p>

<p>personally, i think it's better to not be there when they first come out.
i plan on going riding at 5, or maybe ill go out for an early dinner. this way i can have something good before i have something great/bad/horrible.
the rehearsal will def take your mind off of it if you can get into your music.</p>