reliability of SAT prep test

<p>Going from you guys' personal experience I was wondering how accurate the SAT prep tests were in predicting the actual score. The reasing I'm asking is because i took the PSAT and got the equivalent of a 1310 and on all the practice tests I've gotten between a 1390-1420.....thanks!</p>

<p>What kind of prep tests are you referring to? The test that are published by test prep companies (Barrons, Grubers etc) vary widely in difficulty. The tests that College Board has released, either through 10RS, or the "Taking the SAT" guides have proven to be pretty accurate in predicting scores for the "old" SAT. Tomorrow's SAT will probably be from the same time period as some of the released tests, so the practice scores you are getting should be quite accurate (though other factors, such as not getting enough sleep before the test, or being totally stressed out during the test, can dramatically affect your score)</p>