religion at UA

<p>so what's the religious scene like down there? are there any mosques or stupas or anything like that? what about the atheists and agnostics? and what are the most common christian denominations?</p>

<p>UA's religious scene is actually quite diverse. In Tuscaloosa, there is a mosque, a Hindu temple, a Jewish temple (UA has actually had a sizable number of Jewish students off and on since the 1920's), along with all sorts of churches. All major Christian demonstrations are present with non-denominational, Evangelical, Protestant, Catholic, and Episcopalian churches/ministries being the most popular among students in my experience. Tuscaloosa does also have a Unitarian church, but I don't recall hearing about any groups for Quakers. UA does has a standing offer to help direct you to a group that shares your religious beliefs or lack thereof. There are also many students at UA who don't attend religious services and as a whole, people are very tolerant of others' beliefs. </p>

<p>UA does have quite a few atheists and agnostics, many of whom belong to Alabama Atheists and Agnostics, which is the corresponding campus social organization.</p>

<p>A list of UA student organizations can be found at The</a> Source | Where Do You Fit In? . Keep in mind that not all religious groups have official student organizations.</p>