Religion- I am Jewish

<p>Hey, every school that interests me seems to have a religious affiliation. So, I was wondering I am a Jewish girl from New York, and was wondering if it was worth the visit to Oklahoma. My family has the money to afford any school of my choice( I am not rich though) so the money is not the issue. Is this school very religious , lack of jews, and do you have to take religious courses? Just wondering, respond please. Thank you</p>

<p>Anybody know anything , any student know if you have to take religion courses ?</p>

<p>My son is at TU now. It is no longer affiliated with any religion/denomination, although it used to be affiliated with the Presbyterian church. No religion classes are required. </p>

<p>Being in Oklahoma, TU has lots of Christians, but their strong engineering school attracts students from all over the world, so the student population is very diverse. I believe around 900 of their 3,000 students are from other countries.</p>

<p>Most schools don’t have a religious affiliation, and I’d dare guess that because of merit being Jewish is an over represented minority at most secular colleges. Considering this, I think a better question is what secular schools (large one’s anyway) don’t have an active Jewish student population?</p>

<p>TU is diverse enough that it is probably the only college with an on-campus mosque in the country. It’s a nice, secular mid-size school. You should visit.</p>

<p>I am jewish from New York.</p>

<p>Not very religious.</p>

<p>That being said, I once took a job in Houston, Texas, and things ARE different there.</p>

<p>It was strange to see four people eating lunch at McDonald’s holding hands and thanking god before eating lunch.</p>

<p>Or having a Bible study group at the company where I worked, which was a Fortune 500 company.</p>

<p>That being said, I have a relative in Okalahoma City, and he seems to be very happy there.</p>

<p>So I would at least visit.</p>