Religion vs. Theology

<p>When denoted as majors, what is really the difference between these two? </p>

<p>As a second question, if you go to a religiously affiliated school, is the content of it's philosophy/theology classes biased? if so, how much?</p>

<p>I have no idea to be honest, but I could make a guess as to the difference. It sounds like maybe religion is an objective view of the history and structures of different religions, and theology is a biased teaching of a particular religious doctrine (for those that want to become a preacher etc).</p>

<p>What is taught in a "Religion" major is going to be different at different schools, I'm sure. But to give you a general idea, at my school, Wesleyan U, which I would guess is fairly representative of a typical secular institution in terms of what they teach, the Religion major requires some classes in "Historical Tradition" (learning the content of different religions in a secular manner), some about "Religion in Society" (these tend to be more anthropological) and some "Critical theory" classes (learning about/critiquing different ways religion has been studied). </p>

<p>Basically, it's all very secular—even a "Philosophy of Religion" class will approach studying great religious thinkers in the same way a history class might approach reading Marx, that is, they think about what the text is trying to say, and try to understand its importance, without saying "and clearly, this is the right way to think."</p>

<p>And although some majors are in fact religious, many are also just interested in the subject (for instance, for a small bit of time, I considered being a religion major and then going to law school, because I find first amendment law, especially that revolving around the establishment and free exercise clauses to be fascinating. I'm an atheist). Likewise, some of the teachers may be religious, but they certainly don't preach their religion in the classroom, and other teachers might be atheists or undecided. </p>

<p>Theology, is, as far as I know, more belief based, and would only be taught at religiously affiliated schools.</p>

<p>Yeah thats what I was trying to say lol.</p>

<p>religion can be anything you value really..
theology-study of God</p>

<p>Kinglion-very few ppl who study religion at secular schools go into a religious vocation. Many go to graduate, medical, law, and business school just like anyone else.</p>

<p>I would recommend religion over theology simply because religion tends to present a much less biased view whereas theology suggests that certain religious beliefs are the truth.</p>

<p>theology is technically a study of god but in reality .. it's become more of "study about god" or "study about religions"</p>

<p>i have no idea what the difference btwn the two you asked are as well.. but i can tell you for a fact that most theology schools/div schools these days are secular as it can get (except for a few conservative seminaries). half+ profs at these places are atheists/agnostics</p>