<p>Hey I am a girl from New York, jewish, and Baylor is a baptist, but I am interested to go here. If you remember me from Alabama jewish thread you would know I am looking for other schools. What does this religious affiliation do.. do i have to take religious classes, or go to church. Please can someone explain.</p>

<p>There is a required semester of Chapel but it's very nonthreatening and is just once every two weeks for 30 min</p>

<p>There are 2 require semesters of chapel and transfers (who aren't juniors/seniors). You also are required to take a religion class. Honestly, chapel isn't that bad and I can't tell you about the religion class except from what my friends have said because I am in BIC so we don't take religion classes. The school is only baptist by name and beliefs, most of the religious classes are taught in a way that is very nondenominational. I hope that answers your question.</p>

<p>Chapel is also twice a week for 50 minutes (Monday and Wednesday). It is in the morning. If you show up, they don't care if you study or actually participate, as long as you are not on your cell phone. I forgot to mention that in my last post.</p>

<p>I'm a current student at Baylor, as far as religion goes, most students have to take two semesters of chapel (you only need to take 1 if you transfer in over 60 hours and can make a good case) and most students are required to take two religion classes that should be easy A's. Other than that, Baylor's like any other university except with more people that are religious. You can still find plenty of people that are not Christian or are not religious. Ironically, I'm really religious but my group of friends is definitely not religious at all. So you find both types of people. I'm sure if you decide to go to Baylor, you'll be able to find a group of friends that won't try to shove Christianity down your throat or anything.</p>

<p>For a Jewish or non-religious New Yorker, the cultural divide at Baylor will probably be a larger hurdle than the strictly religious one. If you are attracted to the faster paced, somewhat gritty, indy style of urban American, Baylor will be quite a shock. I think about 80% of Baylor's students are from Texas, and a good percentage of those are from quite nice suburbs of Dallas and Houston. An equal number are from semi rural areas of Texas. That presents a pretty big culture gap for kids from Chicago, LA, SF, Seattle, New York, Boston, Detroit, Jersey, Philly, etc. On the other hand, it wouldn't be as much of a shock for a student who attended High School in the lower midwest, south, or midwest (Denver, Atlanta, St. Louis, Phoenix, Nashville, etc.). As a female, if you aren't going to Baylor with the expectation of likely finding a future husband, you will be in the minority. That is often the case with currently religiously affiliated or historically religiously affiliated colleges.</p>

<p>Yes, why in the world would a Jewish girl from NY want to go to Alabama or Baylor?</p>

<p>Nothing against those schools!!! Don't jump.</p>

<p>Just seem to be odd choices.</p>


There COULD be a lot of reasons... family, financial, specific academic program, etc. Just be aware that there will likely need to be a cultural... adjustment. When you are homesick, where in Waco will you find a good Matzoball soup? That's not a religious issue, but a cultural one.</p>

<p>However, consider this... where are you more likely to be challenged to wrestle through who you want to be in this world --- in your familiar surroundings, or in a completely different place? I submit that while Baylor may present cultural hurdles, the gain might outweigh the emotional discomfort. If you attend Baylor and do well academically, and then discover you know that the culture at Baylor just isn't for you, it is quite doable to transfer into a more urban environment. Baylor is well respected academically. Outside of the top 30 or so Unis, transfer admissions is pretty common.</p>

<p>I just finished my first semester at Baylor, and I'm not Christian, let alone Baptist. Baylor requires each student to take two semesters of Chapel as well as religion classes (Christian Scriptures and Christian Heritage). Honestly, although these are required, it's not bad at all. It took a little to adjust to worship days in Chapel (Wednesdays) because everyone stands and tends to sing along, but you don't have to if you don't want to. At Baylor, you will meet a lot of religious people, but never have I ever felt that they were trying to force their beliefs on me. Baylor's Baptist affiliation does not change what it can offer. It's a great school with small class sizes and professors who are willing to go the extra mile for their students. Yes, the religion thing may be overwhelming for some, but there's more that defines a person than their religious affiliation. I've met such great people here, and I can't picture myself at any other school. You just have to find your niche!!</p>

<p>DunninLA mentioned about cultural shock if you are from NY or Calif. Could any current Baylor student from Calif elaborate on it? Also, Could you tell us why you chose Baylor over other Calif colleges?</p>

<p>I know this is very late. I want to go to Baylor because I am very interested in Texas. I just want to have a different lifestyle and am very interested in Texas. Rice is way too much of a reach for me, Texas A&M and UT-austin has too many kids for me, not interested in SMU, and that seems like it.I am Jewish, go to temple twice a year and thats it. I don't practice saturday night services, but my parents(mom) doesn't want me to go. The religion courses might be an issue for me but somehow the schools I like are religiously affiliated. I like Bc as well, but academically that is way too far to reach. I love being Jewish, but at the same time it just feels like a title to me, because I am not so religious about it. I have no wanto to convert,at all.</p>