Religious Facilities in Hanover and at Dartmouth

<p>What sort of religious facilities are there in Hanover and at Dartmouth for Protestants (specifically Lutheran, but general Protestant as well)? Do students tend to be more involved in on-campus groups than in off-campus churches? Are there even a lot of churches in Hanover?</p>

<p>I'm no "religious nut" - my faith does not define my life. But I'd like to stay involved while in college.</p>

<p>haha have you ever seen <saved> with Mandy Moore?? hehe-- sorry. i'll go away now 0:)</saved></p>

<p>No, haven't seen it - sorry!</p>

<p>I haven't either, but I've always wondered about Mandy Moore's take on the transcendent and did she work it all out, and did you find it helpful?</p>

<p>oh my gosh, that movie was absolutely INCREDIBLE. I loved it. Mandy Moore surprised me - she made a very convincing evil religious nut. I would recommend this movie to anyone, it was fantastic, different and honest. And HILARIOUS. Plus, graci, cute, at least I think that the boys are cute, and most of my friends agree.</p>

<p>too bad some of them were gay. hmmph. i hope it's not like that @ dartmouth. sigh.</p>

<p>I'm waiting for Mandy or Jessica or Brittany to take on the cultural ramifications of the whole Tibetan-Buddhism/Communist China conflict--I'm not quite sure how I feel about it myself and I could use another Hollywood/MTV perspective on it.</p>

<p>LOL. "It's like, um...ooh, lip gloss!!"</p>

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<p>And it's nice for me, since it's Missouri Synod. Do you have a preference?</p>

<p>Sorry for the slow response on this thread, Ghaleon (and the rest of you all). Somehow I never got notification of the replies on my control panel! </p>

<p>Anyway, thanks for the link - it's really helpful. I'm actually an Evangelical, but it's not that big of a deal to me. Sorry to be insensitive to all of you still waiting, but I am getting so excited for next year at the D! I can see everything coming together, picturing myself at all these places…</p>


<p>Hope this helps:</p>

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<p>Look at the Dartmouth Hillel page.</p>

<p>All five involved campus Jews seem very happy!</p>

<p>No problem. Hopefully, I'll see you there. <em>looks at calendar</em></p>

<p>graci, are you evangelical covenant or free or what?</p>

<p>I'd be interested in joining whatever Catholic group Dartouth has - anyone know? I know I could look it up, but I'm lazy.</p>

<p>I believe the Aquinas House is a religious support organization that includes just about every religion and denomination known to man.</p>

<p>I don't know what the exact name is...but I'm certain there is a Catholic group on campus...if should start one!!!!</p>

<p>Cubed--newman club just behind frat row (short trip to confession!)
Graci--it is Northern New England, the official home of American protestantism! You're all set---</p>


<p>Aquinas House is the Catholic Student Center on campus.</p>

<p>The Tucker Foundation, which I suspect is what you're referring to, is the religious/community service support organization on campus.</p>