Relying on luck

<p>anyone else have below par stats? I’m really relying on luck here. Any stories of ppl with lower stats getting in that might cheer me/us up?</p>

<p>GPA: 3.3UW or 88.1/100 <–that is what’s going to kill me
SAT: 2200/2400</p>

<p>goin for seas.</p>

<p>Don't even worry about it munkee, I'm sure you have just as good of chances as anyone. Academics are important, but it is the other things like your essays that truly set you apart. You SAT score is amazing and I'm sure you'll have great chances at Penn.</p>

<p>gpa may hurt you..not saying its horrible, but does your school rank possibly? your SATs are fine, but as locknload said...make sure you have great essays since theyre weighted the most probably.</p>

<p>stop sugar coating it...3.33 uw is pretty bad. Im not saying you cant get in, but youre going to have to have very solid essays and recs.</p>

<p>I got in with a 2100 and had a GPA in the top 10-15% of my class, (although I go to a competitive prep school with only 70 people in a class). I had a great hook, but still, your stats definitely don't put you out of contention.</p>

<p>no one else has crappy grades/sat scores?? No, my school doesn't rank. I go to Stuyvesant, if anyone has heard of it. Penn doesn't like us. =]</p>

<p>Trust us, we've heard of Stuyvesant. The fact that you go to that school might help you when they consider you low GPA.</p>

<p>I don't think so. Tons of people apply. Here are some stats from last year RD (this is only liek 1/4):</p>

<p>Status Overall V SAT M SAT<br>
Accepted 98.4 800 780<br>
Accepted 98.1 780 780<br>
Rejected 97.5 800 760<br>
Rejected 97.2 770 780<br>
Rejected 97.2 790 730<br>
Rejected 97.0 800 790<br>
Rejected 96.9 690 800<br>
Accepted 96.6 710 800<br>
WaitList 96.3 800 800</p>

<p>I just thought of something. Most schools dont count Art/Music because its not considered an academic subject, but since I'm applying for Digital Media Design. Will they consider it? (It's like a 97/100. lol)</p>

<p>Stuyvesant is very known...I go to Fordham Prep munkeegirl</p>

<p>What are you saying in your last comment? Are you saying that 97/100 is what you got for those classes or that is your avg without including the Art/Music classes? </p>

<p>To not sugarcoat things...your GPA is low, but your SAT is high. GPA > SAT, but if you can pull off some essays that reveal a unique aspect of you and have done great work (portfolio?) then you have a good chance.</p>

<p>97/100 is my Art/Music average. I was wondering if it would be considered since I'm applying for Digital Media Design.</p>

<p>I thought electives were counting into the GPA...on my transcript my electives were counted into my GPA. However, I don't know if it is recalculated by schools. I would think it would be counted afterall your major is related to those classes and doing well in them is good.</p>

<p>Actually, knowing that you go to Stuy could hurt you. That school is known to inflate grades, many have 99 averages and above 100 weighted. </p>

<p>But I'm curious, how do you know Penn doesn't like your school? What was the acceptance rate there for ED?</p>

<p>Penn has a tradition of not accepting many of our applicants. Dartmouth <3s us though. Harvard this year seems to <3 us as well. </p>

<p>Eh, I dont think my grades are inflated. </p>

<p>this was last year's RD.
Status Overall V SAT M SAT<br>
*Accepted 98.4 800 780 *
*Accepted 98.1 780 780 *
Rejected 97.5 800 760<br>
Rejected 97.2 770 780<br>
Rejected 97.2 790 730<br>
Rejected 97.0 800 790<br>
Rejected 96.9 690 800<br>
*Accepted 96.6 710 800 *
WaitList 96.3 800 800<br>
Rejected 96.1 690 800<br>
*Accepted 96.1 710 800 *
Rejected 96.1 720 800<br>
Rejected 96.0 750 800<br>
Rejected 95.8 710 800<br>
Rejected 95.8 660 680<br>
Rejected 95.7 750 740<br>
Rejected 95.6 720 720<br>
Rejected 95.5 690 700<br>
Rejected 95.4 690 730<br>
Rejected 95.3 690 710<br>
Rejected 95.2 740 800<br>
Rejected 95.1 770 800<br>
Rejected 94.8 720 760<br>
Rejected 94.8 730 790<br>
Rejected 94.8 700 740<br>
Rejected 94.6 680 660<br>
Rejected 94.5 700 700<br>
*Accepted 94.5 740 780 *
Rejected 94.5 730 800<br>
Rejected 94.4 640 800<br>
Rejected 94.3 680 720<br>
*Accepted 94.2 710 720 *
Rejected 94.2 740 780<br>
Rejected 94.1 670 670<br>
Rejected 94.0 700 660<br>
Rejected 94.0 730 800<br>
Rejected 93.9 800 760<br>
*Accepted 93.9 740 800 *
Rejected 93.9 660 760<br>
Rejected 93.9 750 760<br>
Rejected 93.7 730 740<br>
Rejected 93.5 720 780<br>
Rejected 93.4 770 780<br>
Rejected 93.1 750 720<br>
Rejected 92.8 740 740<br>
*Accepted 92.7 800 700 *
Rejected 92.2 800 740<br>
Rejected 92.2 660 700<br>
Rejected 92.1 300 400<br>
Rejected 92.1 700 780<br>
Rejected 91.6 720 690<br>
Rejected 91.5 700 730<br>
Rejected 91.2 660 720<br>
Rejected 90.4 710 770<br>
Rejected 90.4 710 710<br>
Rejected 90.2 750 720<br>
Rejected 90.0 680 770<br>
Rejected 89.0 720 680<br>
Rejected 88.8 650 670</p>

<p>3.7 unweighted. That includes one C.
All a's this semester though. Brings me up to a 3.75. 4.2something weighted.
I go to a new public school in Georgia.
Class rank: 6/420.
My SAT I wasn't amazing, 2100.
Math II - 790
US History 690.
AP Geography-3, AP World Hist-5, AP US Hist.-4, AP Calc BC-3, AP Calc AB Sub.-4, AP Physics-2 (yikes)!
Currently Taking AP Micro Econ, AP US Gov., AP Lit, AP Bio
I've been editor of the yearbook staff since I was a freshman.
I've played Varsity soccer since I was a freshman.
Math Team Captain.
Good essays. Good recs.
Am I relying on luck too?</p>

<p>i dont see anything that might kill you besides a lack of ECs. you show commitment though.</p>

<p>I didn't put in the EC's. I was a member of our "Government Team" earlier this year, I'm President of Spanish Club, Vice-President of Interact Club, Vice-President of National Honor Society, a member of Mu Alpha Theta, and a member of Beta Club.</p>