Remember all the gifts you received upon graduation from high school?

<p>What were your favorites? I just finished my freshman year in college, but have a few friends who graduated from high school this year and I need ideas for presents-- I don't want to give cash or gift cards, and don't really want to give jewelry either. </p>

<p>I kind of want to make college survival kits with cheap objects that everyone finds necessary in college (3M hooks, bandaids, blue tape, white board markers, straws, etc.) any ideas? What little things have you found to be necessities in college, maybe that were unexpected?</p>

<p>Thanks for the help!!</p>

<p>Depends on the person, but you could also include things like duct tape, paper clips, postage stamps, envelopes, Advil, a small screwdriver, needle and thread, and maybe a couple dollars in quarters (never hurts to have quarters). Of all of the things I ended up needing most often and not having, I think number 1 was postage stamps. Depends on the person though.</p>

<p>no i dont remember</p>

<p>I remember getting no graduating high school an accomplishment now?</p>

<p>Condoms. Pack of 10 should last them for life.</p>

<p>I actually got a bunch of odd college gifts for my birthday instead. i just graduated and ive gotten $300 in checks (more to come when i have a family party) and my dad, grandma, and brother are going to buy me a macbook pro</p>

I remember getting no graduating high school an accomplishment now?


<p>It is for many, especially when one graduates at the top of one's class and/or against the odds. In my family, I was the first of four children to graduate from high school (my older brother and sister eventually both got their GEDs and my little brother graduated after me), my mom dropped out of high school and my dad graduated high school but not by much. I graduated in the top five of my class and for my family it was a big deal.</p>

<p>i graduated top in my class, received over 50k in merit scholarships, and got into a reallyy good school...yeah...i don't remember getting anything</p>

<p>No gifts either.
I guess drive-thru from Wendy's could count as a gift, though.</p>

<p>Dorm supplies. I just graduated from high school and all I got was money; I would have loved stuff for my dorm.</p>

<p>I'd consider whether the recipient's college is far away from home. I received some good stuff like blankets, dorm supplies, school supplies, etc. but I might end up just leaving that at home because it's really expensive to ship things cross-country.</p>

<p>I'm all for cash or gift cards to bed bath / container store, or tiny packable things like stamps.</p>

I remember getting no graduating high school an accomplishment now?


Yes. It is. Graduating high school is a very personal decision. You could drop out. The fact that you didn't and finished is quite an acomplishment.</p>

<p>But anyways, My grandmother has eleven children. My cousin and I will probably be the only two to actually graduate high school. I'm the only one to go to college. Graduating high school is a big deal.</p>

<p>It's such a big deal, that my aunt told my younger cousin that if she graduated, she would buy her a car. I'm still doubtful that she'll graduate though. It all goes downhill in high school when it comes to my family. One of my aunts, who is only eight years older than me, dropped out when she only had the spring semester of her senior year left. So yes. Graduating, in my humble opinion, is a big deal.</p>

<p>I received $395 and luggage.</p>

<p>My mother's stance on rewards for things you should do anything can be summed up with this exchange I witness between her and my middle school brother:
"I got a hundred on my science test!"
"Good job."
"What do I get?"
"...You get a hundred."</p>

<p>I got some money from aunts and uncles and maybe twenty or so from friends who came to my party. (But I reciprocated the twenty to each of them so it was really a useless exercise)
My parents did buy me a car that August, but that was because I chose to go to the school that offered me a full ride over my dream school where I was paying full tuition. It was the only reward my parents ever gave me, and I appreciate it as such, but they really came out of the deal ahead between 40 and 190K.</p>

<p>Graduating high school is an accomplishment for certain people. You had a kid a sixteen and are raising it yourself, it's an accomplishment. Your parents died or abandoned you and you're raising younger siblings or even just yourself--it is an accomplishment. You have to work 40 hours a week to support your family, accomplishment. You were diagnosed with a terminal illness and graduated while spending most of your time in the hospital-accomplishment.
You had a loving or even just supporting (financially) family and maybe had to work part time and only had to deal with regular growing up things, even if they were a bit ****ty at times--no. This isn't an accomplishment. This is doing what you're supposed to do.</p>

<p>I just graduated from high school and will be the first in my immediate family to go to college I received about $500 in cards and lots of stuff for my dorm. I received a complete campus collection that included EVERYTHING for your bed, towels, pop open hamper, underbed storage solution and a bedside buddie. I also got an iron w/small ironing board, toaster oven, desk lamp, first aid kit, bath set(deodorant, razor, etc), LOTS of pens and pencils, george foreman grill, and a large storage container.</p>

<p>I graduated and had a party, so a lot of my friends brought cards/gifts. I mostly got money, but my grandparents gave me luggage, my aunt gave me jewelry, and I got gift cards, an autograph dog from my BFF, a picture frame and some dorm stuff</p>

<p>I got a thousand dollars (compiled from various family members), a picture frame, gift cards, earrings, and 50 lei.<br>
The college survival kit idea is awesome. Definitely stick in a quarter roll.</p>

<p>Graduation from high school is a big deal for everyone, whether you know it or not. It is a milestone and a turning point in your life. Whether or not your family chooses to celebrate such milestones is a personal choice. But being condescending to people who do celebrate is not very becoming.</p>

<p>Congratulations to the Class of 2011! You should all be proud of your accomplishments!</p>

<p>I got students ALWAYS need money!</p>

<p>Thanks for the ideas everyone!</p>

<p>And I agree with a lot of the posters above-- graduating from college is an accomplishment, especially for people who worked really really hard, or had crazy family/friend/community situations. While many (especially those on CC) live in communities where the graduation rate is close to 100%, there are many communities and households in which this is not the norm.</p>

<p>My dad wrote me a check for $20,000 and told me "don't be a ******bag and spend it on blow." He is sort of obnoxious(but generous).</p>