Remember Dr. Amy Bishop who killed three faculty members at UAH in 2010? Sad Update

This happened 11 years ago. There was a long thread here on CC discussing it. It was a very bizarre tale. This is the now closed thread from that time:
Shooting at Univ. Alabama Huntsville (merged thread folds in Parents Cafe comments) - Parents Forum - College Confidential Forums

In browsing through the internet today I came upon this. Another tragedy for that family. Amy Bishop Anderson’s son, Seth Anderson, was shot to death by a friend/acquaintance last month. He was 20.

Amy Bishop is believed to have murdered her brother when he was 18 although it was considered an accident at the time. She apparently named her son after the brother she killed.
Son of UAH shooter, Amy Bishop Anderson, identified as shooting victim (

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I remember that incident well. Amy Bishop was really creepy.

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