Remember this thread/website or poster?

<p>A couple of months ago someone posted information about a website that could be used to help narrow a college search. It wasn't the typical collegeboard, princeton, etc. site. I think it was a government site. I visited it once, but didn't have time to explore. The poster that mentioned it gave very good step by step instructions on how to use the site. One could even "rank" schools according to how good the school was in a certain major. </p>

<p>I thought the thread was in Feb and thought it was on the Parents Forum. I've used the search function, even looked through the titles of all posts since Feb. but just can't find the website. I thought I saved it in my favorites but no such luck. </p>

<p>Anyone have any idea of what the website might be, or even the post/poster's name?</p>

<p>Maybe this: College</a> Navigator - National Center for Education Statistics</p>

<p>Was it the IPEDs COOL College Navigator website? College</a> Navigator - National Center for Education Statistics</p>

<p>It gives tons of info for individual schools: breakdowns on majors, detailed financial aid info, acceptance rates for males and females, 4-, 5-, and 6-year graduation rates, etc.</p>

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