Remembering your grandparent's medicine closet.

My husband and I were reminiscing yesterday about the products our grandparents or parents kept in their medicine chest that we don’t use anymore (wouldn’t find in our medicine chest)

We cam up with:

Brioschi (in the big blue bottle)

Alka-seltzer (just for stomach upsets there was no alka-seltzer for colds back then)

Ponds (in the big blue tub - we used it to cool sunburn)

mercurochrome (remember that orange color on your wound)

dippity do (in bright green)

So take a walk down memory lane and see what you can come up with!

Haha, Dippity Do!



Horribly sticky pink Bandaids that pulled your hair out.

That red stuff that got put on you whenever you had a cut.

Mysterious bottles.

Loved my grandma’s medicine cabinet.

Cornhuskers hand lotion! My grandfather applied it several times throughout the day.

Recently I had to be fingerprinted for a volunteer role and the facility had people apply Cornhuskers prior to the digital fingerprinting…the woman working there said the lotion makes the fingerprints darker. The smell triggered many memories of my grandparents and their house!

Large blue bottle of Nivea lotion and jar of Nivea cream. Calamine lotion and witch hazel.

Do they still make Brioschi? I’d forgotten all about it. Fun topic.

We still use witch hazel - my husband is a big fan of it. Talking about witch hazel was what brought up the other stuff we used to use.

@Lindagaf that red/orange stuff was mercurochrome it was an antiseptic (I guess the only one around back then)

Geritol. My grandpa was a big fan. There was a significant alcohol content back in the day.

My grandmother kept her loose face powder in the medicine cabinet. I can’t remember the brand, but it came in a round cardboard container with a beautiful gold and black design.

And everything was decades past the expiration date!

Did items have expiration dates then?

My dad was a wannabe doctor; mercurochrome was his favorite!

My parents: Calamine lotion, Vicks Vapo rub (I still love the smell of it). Aspirin. Pepto Bismol. Bengay (hate the smell of that). Solarcaine. Halls Mentho-lyptus cough drops. Hydrogen peroxide. Rubbing alcohol. Bandaids, cotton balls, tape, gauze, ace bandages.

I didn’t visit my grandparents often and don’t remember looking in their medicine cabinets. There was probably just a bottle of aspirin in there and grandpa’s razor. My dad said that when he was a child (1930s) his father used leeches!

My husband and I are the only ones around who still use aspirin when we have a headache (never tylenol). It is just what I always used and never changed. I remember when my daughter was little and there was all this talk about not giving aspirin to children because it might cause Reye’s syndrome, I asked my pediatrician so at what age can she have aspirin. Her answer was never - just stick with tylenol. She is 26 and I don’t think she has ever had aspirin.

Castor oil




Toothpaste. I dont think my grandparents could afford any other products. Maybe not even toothpaste as my dad said they could not afford going to a dentist until he was in high school.

My mom always had Jean Nate splash and probably some avon products. First aid wise I just remember band aids and aspirin. Maybe witch hazel

@TatinG what is “outgrow”

In addition to items mentioned above like calamine, Ponds and Noxzema:

Mercury based thermometers (both types! if you know what I mean)
Old Spice cologne
Baby Aspirin
Dark red cough syrup that was very boozy tasting, brand??? It worked great.
Jergens lotion
Hydrogen Peroxide

@kiddie “Outgro” was a topical ointment for ingrown toenail. The old formula hardened the skin and forced the nail out. It may also have had some pain reliever in it.

Poligrip and the denture case!

Bayer chewable aspirin - orange
Sucrets in the tin - I still have one from my grandmother - I use it in my sewing bin
Vicks-VapoRub - in the beautiful cobalt blue jar - I still have one of those too!

My grandma wasn’t much into products, she had homemade recipes for everything! But those three were staples.

In post #16 I meant Polident, not Poligrip. Pretty sure they didn’t have Poligrip back then

Happy Face (face wash)
Phisoderm (or was it phisohex?)

It wasn’t in the medicine cabinet, but made me think of Ovaltine also.
I don’t know if any of these things still exist.