Reminder - Please post threads for yourself or your children ONLY

This is just a reminder that we will delete threads about anyone other than the OP or the OP’s children. It’s for privacy reasons. We have enough posters who ask to have their OWN threads deleted!

What do you mean with ask for their own child threads deleted but only post about their own children? It doesn’t make sense?

Yes it does. Please read again. You are parsing it incorrectly.

What is meant is that the third parties being posted about are asking for deletions for privacy reasons. That’s on top of posters having second thoughts about opening threads or adding posts about their own children. Creates extra work for mods.


“Asking for a Friend” posts are not allowed for privacy reasons. You can ask questions about yourself and your children (or kids for whom you are the legal guardian), Accounts are free, so the student/parent is able to open to open their own account to ask the questions.