Renting a MicroFridge

<p>Has anyone rented one of these? Has anyone bought one? I would really like to have the little microwave in my room, so this will work better for me than just a fridge. Any insight would be appreciated!</p>

<p>yes, I would like to know more about this too, like how much this would be to rent.</p>

<p>I rented one at my first was certainly convenient to have b/c I was an athlete and so I had to make my dinners in my room quite often.</p>

<p>We rented one last year (D's first year) and may very well rent one again this year. It was OK. A bit beat up, but it worked-- well, she told us recently that the microwave part never worked. Wish we had known that earlier....</p>

<p>Anyway, it's well worth not having to lug it up and down stairs and try to find a place to put it for the summer (we live in a small NYC apartment). You can rent it through your school. Interesting, the price of it changes depending on the school you go to...</p>

<p>I have been thinking about this too. We were thinking about buying one, because even though they are expensive, my incoming freshman might use it for 2 years and then I will have another daughter ready for college (if the fridge lasts that long!). Just a lot of money to shell out right now!! But probably worth it in the long run!</p>

<p>The school I went to last year provided a microfridge unit in the room free of charge... when I used it I was glad I had it, but honestly I never really did use it that much. Probably will not get it.</p>

<p>the microfridge is soo much smaller...</p>

<p>there's a microwave in every dorm kitchenette so using that one shouldnt be a problem...</p>

<p>don't rent, its expensive and a lot of people don't even use it much. </p>

<p>if you really need it just buy a new one, </p>

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<p>Here's the link to the unit we rented:</p>

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<p>i am going to bump this because i want to know how spacy the fridge and freezer and microwave are on those microfridges. </p>

<p>the freezer how many lean cuisines can it hold? lol
can the microwave pop regular popcorn bags or MINI BAGS only? do lean cuisines fit?</p>