<p>Rents' this site full of crap or is this a real organization?</p>

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<p>Everyone knows each other.This is the Parents Forum, remember?- You know how parents are, obsessing about everything all the time.-And when you are about to shell out $100,000 for a college education ( or have a kid who is super smart)- I think we all have the right to obsess.</p>

<p>This is something I've never heard of, but it costs $50 to join, so I would certainly hesitate to join. Of course if you earned a $5,000 it would be worth it, but there seem to be a lot of members looking for those scholarships.</p>

<p>BHG, I think this student was not remarking about THIS parent forum but about the link to a website and asking if it is legitimate. </p>

<p>I agree with Over30. I have never heard of this organization but they are asking for a fee for you to join and get this "award". It reminds me a little of the National Honor Society. And if you join and pay money, you are "eligible" to apply for scholarships. I would hesitate with this one as a use of money and I don't think just being "member" will add to a college application at all. </p>


<p>backhand..what are you talking about?? Maybe you posted in the wrong thread. I was asking about the website link in my post. I want to know if it is a legitimate organization or not.</p>

<p>Oh, I'm so sorry. The site you highlighted did not come up when I first posted- which was right after you posted it. So it looked like you were responding to C.C. I'm so sorry I look like a dope but the site wasn't there earlier! No, I wouldn't pay to jion, too many really good freebees out there!</p>