Repeat chances stats changed

<p>I know its a reach but...</p>

<p>I am a white male from the north shore of chicago suburbs.
I am in a catholic jesuit highschool in wilmette, IL.
I have a GPA of 96 percent W 94.3 UW (I drastically improved 90 percent in freshman year and a 97 UW/ 102 W in junior year) (98.5 W without freshman year grades)
I am in the dumbach scholars honors program.
I am in the torch club (leadership hosts open houses, crowd control at sports events, and basically helps in school functions)
I have over 200 service hours.
I am a leader in my school's amnesty international program.
I started a fund raising art show that raises money for a school in Africa.
I started and planned a service trip to honduras.
I am, by senior year, goin to either complete 5-7 AP classes.
AP Art studio
AP Art HIstory
AP Biology
AP Calculus
AP Psychology
AP Lit
AP Spanish
I am in my schools integrated science program.
I am in the highest math possible.
I participated in lead america's 10 day medical program.
I volunteer at northwestern memorial hospital in chicago.
I volunteer at a cancer research center.
I might take a six week bio course at a college next summer.
I have not yet taking my tests.
Could have great teacher recs and essays
am working on a book i am thinking of publishing
In high art classes,
might have my own art show this summer</p>

<p>I know without tests it is hard to tell but...
Could I possibly get into duke?
and if so what should my test scores be?</p>

<p>any one...</p>

<p>I'd like to have you in class. Scores, as always, need to show high aptitude such that attention can be paid to the rest of your portfolio rather than being red flags.</p>

<p>So what should my scores be then?</p>

<p>since college admissions is pretty insane these days, its really hard to say for sure. you seem like a pretty accomplished artist so one thing i think might give you a bit of an edge and make you stand out more is if you send in a visual arts supplement along with your app. based on my experiences, i think sending my art portfolio added to my app and helped me get in.</p>

<p>Your scores should be pretty high....I would say around a 2200. If so, I think you have a good a chance as anyone. Also, take some SAT II's. 700+ on each one is strong. Good luck.</p>