Repeat Courses in Transfer Student Application to CSULB.


I was wondering how CSULB admissions would interpret a course taken three times (repeated twice). The first two attempts for the class were and F and a D. The last attempt was a B. Would CSULB exempt my F and D attempts and consider only my B attempt on the application? Or would it be handled in a different manner.

Thank you.

How they exactly interpret it, I don’t know. However, I can guarantee that they WILL look at all three of these grades, and that the former two grades will definitely hurt you.

How exactly will it hurt me? If they honor the grading policy of the community college?

How it’ll hurt you isn’t known. Institutions don’t publish this type of information.

What you COULD do is call CSULB and clearly ask how this discrepancy will hurt your transfer application; however, they’ll probably either politely ask you to go away, or give you an unclear and ultimately unhelpful answer.