Repeated Courses

<p>Ok, before i'm scolded for posting this on a UC transfer forum, there is not CSU trasfer forum, so i went with the next best thing. If anyone feels free to help please do. My story is that i have been accepted to CSU San Diego which i'm set to attend this fall. I had sent them my final transcript and they finally entered my grade to When i checked, i did not receive all the credits I had in my CC transcript but the grade was given. </p>

<p>I really f'ed up my first year of CC because of not being accepted first time around but i obviously got myself together because i managed to get a 3.7. Basically i had to make As from then on and took some honors classes to help. I had repeated 2 courses, one i got an F first try and W next try, and the other i received a W first try and an F second try. Last fall and this spring semesters i repeated both courses with Bs. </p>

<p>I repeated the course i got an F the first try last spring and the one i got a W first try this last spring semester. CSUSD received my grades and totaled everything except for the repeated course i took this spring. Those 2 courses were the only Fs i had, in total i had 4 Ws. I still get my 60 units but if i received the grade i would have earned 64 unit. Is it allowed to do what they did by giving me the grade but not the units for the repeated course? Or did i do something wrong?
BTW this was course that was transferable when i checked assist, i dont want to call the school unless i know for sure if they made a mistake or not with calculating my total grade.
Sorry if it was a little long</p>