Repeated Passages on CR

<p>During the January 2010 SAT, there was an experimental reading passage in which the subject was about scientists and this "20 Questions" game that they played. I'm sure those of you who had it remember it, because it was fairly odd, and as I remember, a pretty tough passage.</p>

<p>During the June 2010 SAT, I got the exact same passage again. When I first saw it, I was debating if it was experimental or not, because I had seen it before. It turned out being experimental again, which was annoying because I stressed over it a lot thinking that it might be a real passage again.</p>

<p>All of this leads me to ask, does the College Board use repeated passages on the CR? I'm taking it again in October, and if I were to get that same passage AGAIN (why do I always get experimental CR?), could I definitely conclude that it's experimental? I would think that it should be, but I want to know for sure. Anyone else had this experience?</p>

<p>I know for a fact that they heavily recycle passages on the Literature SAT II. Not too sure about the CR, sorry. :(
But I'd hazard a guess and say that they (may) do.</p>

<p>Hmm alright. I swear, if that passage shows up again..</p>

<p>CollegeBoard will put that there as an experimental passage just to screw with you.</p>

<p>Basically the point of the experimental is just to screw with you anyways, so it's serving its purpose.</p>