Replace AP Economics or AP Statistics for AP Computer Science?

Hello guys,
I am trying to fit in AP Computer Science A into my junior year schedule and have to take a course out to fit APCSA in. I can either take out AP Economics or AP Statistics and move that course to senior year, but I have trouble choosing. I am planning on majoring in engineering in the future. Please give me some recommendations. Anything will be much appreciated. Thank you!

Flip a coin. It really makes no difference. Personally, I’d move econ, but it also depends on what else you’re taking.

Both are excellent options.

Data Analytics is a high demand area for employment. This leans toward AP Statistics, but AP Economics is also very useful in many jobs/careers.

Some colleges & universities Econ majors are heavily quant oriented so if you want an overview of Economics without heavy math, then this may be a great time to investigate Econ as a potential major course of study.

In short, both are great options. No wrong answer, but, without more information, there is no clear right choice either.

P.S. I just reread your post. If I understand correctly, you will be taking both courses (AP Econ & AP Stats) but one will be during your junior year & one during your senior year. If correct, then I agree that “flipping a coin” is a reasonable basis for making your decision.

You could if you want, but it won’t make any difference at this point. Colleges admit based on your overall GPA and SAT/ACT scores. The best thing you can do right now is to build a strong math foundation now so you’re good to go when you start doing it at the college level.

If you will be taking all three courses anyway, it probably does not make too much difference which order you take them, unless you want to take a more advanced course in CS or economics at a local college the following year.

For an engineering major, the value of these AP credits would be as follows:

  • Statistics: none, but can be helpful as an introduction to the subject. If your major requires statistics, it will be calculus-based statistics.
  • CS A: may be credited toward a programming and data structures course for CS majors. Other engineering majors may be required to take a MATLAB-based course.
  • Economics: may be credited toward an introductory economics course as a general education requirement, or a prerequisite to more advanced economics courses.

If you’re just choosing the order in which to take Econ or Stats, it doesn’t really matter. Both are quite interesting subjects but won’t weigh heavily on an Engineering college application.

(This assumes you’re already taking a core Math class)

Beside those courses, what would your Junior and Senior Schedules look like?