Replacement Locking Mailbox favorites?

We have a standard curbside mailbox that we need to replace with a locking one. To get inspiration, we drove around the town. It is apparent that our neighborhood is one of the few that does not have cluster boxes. Probably built just before it became the norm for new builds.

DVault, Fort Knox, and Mail Boss are the ones we are considering. But, I’m open to suggestions. We will add some sort of log posts or stone around it for effect. Worried more about fishing and hand grabbing, not so much baseball batting.

Do you have a favorite box or one you are not liking some features?

Mail Boss is what we got for our new place. It is quite durable and survived neighbors’ contractors messing around it for more than a year. Get the biggest size… if you go on a short trip (up to a week), it can hold all of your mail without you needing to ask anyone to empty it.

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Due to mail thefts the last year or two, many on our street have purchased locking mailboxes. I still see fishing theft happen. A guy who lives a few blocks away apparently walks the area and when he finds discarded mail in ditches, he will put the remains in your mail box. One neighbor got the plastic envelope front and mailing label, the scumbags had fished out a purse. Sheesh.

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