Reported ACT Reading score incorrectly...

<p>Okay so I submitted my SCEA app on 10/30. Monday I was going over my CommonApp and my Michigan and Yale supplements that I've submitted, and I noticed I reported a score wrong in the Additional Testing section. I accidentally put 30 on my reading score, when it is actually a 33. It ends up bumping my composite score down 1, which is why I care. If it didn't I wouldn't care since that test was not my highest anyway. My question is, will they think I'm lying since the numbers don't add up? I've emailed them, but havent gotten a response. Should I call?</p>

<p>Hmm if you have to ask the company that administrates the ACT to send your scores to Yale already, then it shouldn't be a problem. However, I would send maybe a letter to the admissions office, but i wouldn't call and email them profusely because it is only 1 point difference and if you harass the admissions officers over a 1 point increase it mine seem like you're being whiny. </p>

<p>Yet if you think it will improve your chances by a lot, then by all means email/call!</p>

<p>I've only reported to Yale from ACT my highest score. But you're right, and I hadn't thought of that, the best solution might be sending that score from ACT too. I just might do that.